Lost Orphan

This is a story of two sisters who's parents have been murder and have finally been adopted by the murders?


3. Chapter 3

We made it home safely I thought we wouldn’t have,  there was a lot of unnecessary wiggles and it was about the time when Annie started to cry we finally made it home to be honest i'm kinda scared now i'm not really the person to get scared but they are really scaring me and i’m starting school tomorrow not excited i'm scared It has been awhile since i was in school can you imagine how dumb i'm going to be compared to the other kids that I’m going to meet Its time to go to sleep girl you guys have a big day ahead of you guys. Annie and I both fell asleep but before i fell asleep  I heard them whispering really fast and Frank say huh over and over again and that is when Katherine yelled Forget it Frank just go to sleep that is when I dozed off and went into deep sleep. It’s now the morning and now I have to wear a school skirt I asked her to get the khakis I will ask again I hate skirts   any way the uniform was a blue t-shirt and a skirt for girl or pants (as I explained) Girl’s big day for you both Annie starting pre-k and Lily Ann starts middle school exciting right guys We moaned well get your moaning but down stairs for breakfast so we get out of the door ok I said the problem with Annie was that she never had to wake up this early in the morning, you know what Lily Ann that Andy girl next door is going to come and get you so you guys can go to the bus stop ok, Wait I’m riding the bus i thought you said you would drop me off Well Lily ann I don’t like attitudes and I want you to make new friends so it seems as if you Lily Ann. The doorbell rang Good morning  browns  I’m here to pick up Lily Andy said hold on a minute dear ,Katherine said Lily Ann Andy is here time to go, Coming I said as I was walking down the stairs, Andy had a huge smile I know that you don’t like skirts Oh did I mention me and Andy became close before school, we had started we talked and got to know each other so she knows a lot about me Yeah Katherine only bought the skirt if you want i have extra pants I looked at Katherine she said go ahead i ran upstairs and changed then I ran back down and me and Andy walked to the bus Bye Katherine  yelled out bye I replied and I saw annie at the door waving to me I smiled and waved back. Andy and I were talking she was telling me who to hang out with or who to not even go near oh look the bus is here Andy told me to not seem so excited, come on let's go get on the bus ok so we are so close to making it to the bus until a group of girls who are apparently popular  I don’t know how you are popular with the name “The bubble girls” They feel like they own the the whole school and they try to be perfect up to the latest trends, Hello my name is Lily Ann and my best friend is Andy, aww looks like we have a fairy tale going on here I’m guessing you wanna work with us Cindy asked Not really Andy said we were just saying hello as we walked away she screamed Hey if there is anyone to turn me  down is Jackson and you guys are certainly not Jackson so you know i'm going to make sure this is a bad year for you two good luck Cindy yelled oh cindy is the leader of the bubble girls so of course she is going to do most of the talking.We walked to class what do you think she meant by that I asked Andy I don’t know but lets try to forget about and maybe she will Andy

said I hope she does.We were in the middle of class and Cindy called me out HA HA LOST ORPHAN, LOST ORPHAN she alsoed yell FIRST HER MOMMY AND DADDY GOT KILLED THEN SHE GOT ADOPTED SO DOES THAT MAKE HER EVERYONE, Everyone start to yell Lost orphan the teacher was dead into his computer so I ran out of class as I ran out I heard Cindy say I told you it would make it a bad year for you guys Andy stayed  back to yell at his  We are going to get back at here  Andy said with a confident voice No I replied I will feel better if we just don’t You sure Lily cause you know I will get her for you Andy remarked i'm positive ok then me and Andy walked in the classroom I stared at her and wondered wait how do she know so much about me? Is she watching?   


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