Just Be You

This poem reflects the feelings of a girl after leaving a bad relationship. Not that everyone feels the same but many readers have been asking me to write a poem to reflect this feeling.


1. Forget about us

Forget about me

Cause I have too,

Go get a life,

Because I'm done with you.


Find another girl,

There's many in sea.

Thats easy for you cause your a lier and a cheat,

I'm living my life single for now, 

I'll find my significant other, 

You just wait he'll come around.


You'll have to forget about me and find someone else,

Who will be able to deal with that kind of mess,

That's not going to be me -

Cause I'm a different girl,

Wanted by many in this world.


Go and stay,

My life is better off when liers like you are far away.

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