This is for my poetry and other poems I like. They might be short or they might be long, they might rhyme and might not


31. Quarantine of the Soul

Quarantine of the Soul


Tranquil pills fall deep like the night

A sweet fangless course

Bites with no remorse

Your eyes struggle to read my ageless soul



You open a heart under Quarantine

The past

The present

The future

Stand in the way of what was and never will be

A contagious disease

I call "LOVE!"


(Past-- you came)

Somewhere deep inside --with you--

The Maverick

The Majestic

The Arriving Vessel of Light

I separated myself from the world

 --to be with you--

I polished a new diamond night

With pleasures of meeting where our hearts began

Deep like the night, you woke my sleepless soul

Removing it from the safe harbor of the sea

-Isolated from all to see

No risk or chance, of smiling endlessly


(Present-- you set)

Tonight you fell from Mandalay

You spoke in a way that Cut my throat with truth

You detained my ego clouding the auspices sky

Allowing a smile

A tender peek into your heart

It spread in ways -- I wanted more

I kept deep until you found your way past the door

Persistent memories

In search of eternity

Tonight lets learn to live again

With no fear, I remove all labels

Making the moon and sun rise together

My love, my life now depends on you


(Future-- you left)

With no explanation

The age of Quarantine will forever set


You came to me

Set me free

Just to leave


Now you are a virus --- Just like them!!!


By: PD


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