This is for my poetry and other poems I like. They might be short or they might be long, they might rhyme and might not


33. Forward unto Dawn

Forward unto dawn! the men in the darkest black armor chanted,

They were rebels,

Fighting for the great revolution of the land.


Straight in front was the dominant leaders of the land,

Fighting for reckless power,

Power they could not possess.


In Between laid the line of judgement,

Judgement of ownership,

Judgment of power.


Sitting under in all its glory laid the land,

The land of desire,

The land of the greatest dream.


Up higher than the gods themselves laid the sky,

Oh, the sky darkish orange,

It gave a grave danger feel,

but was greatly ignored,

Ignored by courage, moxie, and heroism.


Some may call the black knights insane,

But insanity is doing something over and over expecting,

Expecting change, difference, a break of order.


But heel,

the leaders are the definition of insanity,

The high leaders have the knowledge striking down the black ones would change the great War of power, and freedom,

They are the definition of insanity.


For striking down the black ones,

Only makes them stronger,

For they were undaunted.


Although the leaders were powerful,

Black nights, despite their number, were more than a test,

For they were driven by the day of reckoning.

Forward Unto Dawn


Hey everyone, It's Lost Girl and I wanted to put this in the book because my friend wrote this and I thought it was VERY good. I also did it because I haven't put a poem in here in a while so yeah.

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