Saving Whats Broken

Everybody's broken.
We all have someone to fix us.
For him, it was me.
For me, it was him.
© goes to CrashingCars &Oovverrated (of Wattpadd)


3. "I Came To Confess My Dying Love For You."-2

I woke up and I started to panic because I thought I forgot to do my homework.

Well, I did it.

In the library.

I was totally starving considering I didn't get that pizza last night.

It's so un-like me to do that, food is my life and I totally forgot about it!

Well, food isn't my life BUT it helps me survive so... You could consider it somewhere in the meaningful life category.

I had to get ready really fast for school, because I try to sleep as MUCH as I can, so it goes down to having 30 minutes in total for having me to get ready.

I ate a banana while I was getting my make- up out.

I liked to wear make-up, I also liked to dress girly and straighten my hair.

I am typical, what can I tell you?

While the straightener was heating up I picked out my outfit. Jean jacket, flower flowery type top and a black skater skirt.

I wasn't thin, I wasn't heavy either. I was average. But, I had curves. Inherited from my dear mother, but I got my blue-green eyes from my father and I don't know how I got blonde hair.

Considering my parents had black hair.

I just had the nick of time when I had finished my hair and make-up.

I ran out the door, I didn't have a car so I had to run to get on the bus.

"Hey, Mrs. Jones." I said greeting the bus driver, she was really sweet. I felt bad for the way kids treated her.

"Hello, Anna." She smiled at me. Yet again I felt a twinge of pain for her.

"Have a good day." I said waving while I was off to my seat.

It just so happens Travis was on the bus today and he forced me to sit next to him. He made me sit next to the window so I couldn't get up.

"Okay, so I wanted to thank you for getting that book for me." He gave me one off his all to famous smirks. It seemed he never smiled. I think I've only seen him smile once, and that was in grade five.

He always had a sad look in his eyes, I've talked to girls that he knows. I wondered why they were so interested in him. They said he had a look in his eyes, almost like a look that you felt sympathy for but, also you wanted to protect him.

I guess I could relate to him, because I've been sad for a long time now.

"It was no big deal, it's my job." I said giving him a warm smile.

"Well, I'm just saying thank you." He gave me another one of those smirks.

He was never THIS nice, and he hasn't called my princess yet. That's strange.

"Your welcome, sweet cheeks." I said giving him a big fake smile. A lot of my smiles were fake.

"Back to sweet cheeks? I thought you were better than the, Princess." He said shaking his head.

"Yeah-" I shrugged. "I liked it best out of all the one so its staying."

"Okay, just don't call me that in front of my friends or yours because they'll think we're dating and were not." He said a matter a factly.

"Well whatever, I don't care. They already find it weird that you call me princess so why would they think sweet cheeks is weird?" I asked him.

"It's different! Because I give everybody cool nick names. Princess suits you, sweet cheeks makes me sound like a girl..." he fake pouted.

"Awe cheer up sweet cheeks! It's just a nick name." I pinched his cheeks and laughed.

"God, it's like thanksgiving with Aunt Jewels all over again..." he muttered.

"Wait what-? Hahaha that is hilarious." I said actually laughing. Which I haven't done in a long time.

"Well now that, that's done!" He said.

"No, I have a question, why did you go on the bus today? Don't you have a car?" I questioned him.

"Well, I came to confess my dying love for you, Princess, and the only way I could reach you was on THIS exact buss." He said so seriously I knew he was kidding, but my heart still kind of spread up and I don't know why. I don't like him that is for sure. I mean I can't like him EVER.

I gave him a blank stare.

"Seriously tell me why." I didn't have room for bull shit in the morning.

"My car, got bumped yesterday and there fixing it. Also, I came to confess my dying love for you." He said shrugging.

"Haha, don't make me laugh, haha." I said seeing if he'll get the reference to my favorite movie. GREASE ALL THE WAY BABY.

"Why do I feel like that came from a movie?" He said with a confused face that was kind of cute.

"Because it did." I laughed.

My phone beeped my Kim Possible text tone.

I pulled it out of my bag.

Felicity- I got grace sick and I'm still sick so neither of us will be at school today. Sorry best friend your own your own, unless you want to hang out with Travis. But don't bring home no babies!

Anna- don't even. I have to go byeeeee hope you feel better.

"How do you get your phone out on the bus without getting your phone taken away?" Travis asked.

"I'm on good terms with the bus driver! She loves me." I said laughing.

"Wait- how are you on good terms with ANYBODY?" He asked ANOTHER question.

"Well, only the main librarian- whose name I don't even care to remember- is the only staff administration person who hates me. All the teachers hate her, so it kind of like 'I'm on your side Anna' type thing, ya know?" I said nodding my head.

"Hmm maybe I should do what you do!" He said nodding his head like he was agreeing with someone.

"HARRY CONNICK JR.!" I said yelling a little to loud.

"Why did you say that?" He seethed at me.

"Do you NOT know his song I do like we do?" I said shaking me head at the fact he didn't know SUCH a great song.

"Princess, I don't listen to his music. I like queen and journey better and the Eagles, owe and ACDC." He had good music taste.

"I mean all those bands rock and all I LOOOVE queen. But I do like we do is an amazing song and you just HAVE to listen to it. I like the Beatles as well as those bands to though." I said nodding my head.

"You, like the Beatles? Wow, princess I excepted a little more rockery from you." He said looking disappointed.

"Hey! The Beatles is a great band! I love rock but they just have amazing music!" I defended my babies.

Then the bus came to a sudden halt.

"ALRIGHT KIDS WERE HERE!" Mrs. Jones screamed.

I swayed off the bus.

"Bye, Mrs. Jones." I said waving at her.

Boy, could I tell today was gonna be a LOOONG day.


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