Saving Whats Broken

Everybody's broken.
We all have someone to fix us.
For him, it was me.
For me, it was him.
© goes to CrashingCars &Oovverrated (of Wattpadd)


7. "Drunk Words Sober Thougts."-6

"Drunk Words Sober Thoughts."-6

Detention was pretty boring after that, I just went home, I was relieved that it was Friday. I don't think I could have another day where I could stand do be around people, you know.

Unless those 'people' where all Travis, then you would have no problem.

My subconscious just HAD to remind me. I groaned, I don't have a crush on him. Never have never will! I sighed defiantly.

I laid down in bed and binged watched criminal minds. I always switch between One Tree Hill and Criminal Minds. Once I'm done with one I switch to the other.

I looked at my desk and saw the binders full of songs, some I have yet to finish.

I have multiple different music taste.

It varies from, Lana Del Ray, Elton John, Queen, Beatles, Journey, One Direction, 5SOS, even Frank Sanataria found his way in there, Ohh and Blondly, ohhhh and Artic Monkeys, backstreet boys, N'sync. It varies with my mood.

I got changed really quickly just so I could go back to bed. I hoped back in my bed cuddling the covers to my chin looking at Reid talk about some fact, Reid is really hot. Like, I always had a thing for nerds.

And hot football players who are really hot.

My brain reminded me YET AGAIN.

I ordered a pizza with the money from last night, my dad was staying somewhere over the weekend, like I could give a shit. He didn't care about me, he just considered me somebody living in his home.

It hurt.

I ordered the pizza at 10:00 pm, the pizza guy glared at me because I made him come so late.

I payed and took the pizza to my bed.

Travis- What happens if I would be really cliché, and show up at your window?

Me- I would say your drunk and you probably are now.

Travis- come on Princess! Life is one big cliché. You've gotta live for it.

Me- I love cliché's but I swear to god if you come to my window at 10:30 pm I will hurt you.

Travis- To late. I'm already here.

I heard a tap at my window and saw Travis at my door trying to hold on.

I immediately went over and opened the door.

"What the HELL are you doing here?" I said as I opened the door. He was obviously drunk. How the hell did he climb up here?

"Oh Juliet, how though love you." He messed it up.

"You are stupid." I said shaking my head.

"And you love me." He slurred.

"No, I don't." I said shaking my head. He shouldn't have came here.

"Yes, you do just admit it!" He laughed like a crazy person.

"God, your lucky my dads not here." I told him. Then I mumbled to myself, "he wouldn't have cared if he was here anyway." I said it so bitterly I could almost taste it.

"Oh pizza!" He laughed his way over to my pizza.

"You touch my pizza I kill you." I said, it was an empty threat but he just giggled.

"You know Anna, I didn't know how to get to your house but I called Felicity-she's very funny- and she told me where you live! So now we can have these little sleep overs ALL the time." He smiled like a three year old who just got candy. He looked so innocent, until he looked my up and down. His eyes got a darker green I shuttered at the site. I suddenly felt very subconscious.

I was only wearing a pair of plaid shorts and a white crop top fabric. He could probably see my black sports bra. I blushed, harder than I should've. I stalked over to my bed, and laid back.

"You know you are sooo stupid to come here." I sighed.

"Yeah, probably. But I had to tell you something." He said sounding serious.

"I was gonna tell you later but I didn't." He sighed.

"I love you, Princess." He said. I shook my head, I knew he was just drunk.

"Your just drunk Travis. You don't mean it." I said shaking my head. This is not how I wanted to spend my Friday night.

"Maybe, but you know what they say drunk words, sober thoughts." He shrugged. He stood up and took his shirt off.

"Woah, woah, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Getting comfortable." He said, like this was normal. He had a nice muscled body that made me almost drool.

"Do you have any comfortable pants for a boy? Jeans aren't very comfortable to sleep in." He said almost pleading me.

"Who said your sleeping here?" I eyes his undressed torso.

"Do you really want to let a drunk boy go out into the world on his own? I could get killed or something!" He added the hand motion 'look at this.' He was kind of funny when he was drunk.

"I'll be back." I sighed and shook my head.

I went to my brothers old room to fetch him a pair of my brothers sweatpants. They would probably fit each other. I also went downstairs to get him a drink and some Advil. I did this so the headache wouldn't be as bad in the morning.

I saw him watching some criminal minds. He looked fascinated.

I just giggled. He looked at me with that same confused look.

"Here you go, Travis." I said, "when you get back I have an Advil on my lamp table." I said looking him in the eye.

He quickly got changed throwing his jeans on the floor. I rolled my eyes at him. I got on my knees to pick it up along with the shirt. Folding them and putting them beside the bed. I could feel him watching me.

"What?" I asked him.

"You really are nice." He sighed. He got up onto my bed. I didn't even question it at this point.

"You stay on your side of the bed, okay Mr. Travey-boy." He just laughed at me.

"Okay, Mrs. Prissy." I got onto the bed, and laid down. I was on the edge and I thought he was asleep. I guess he thought the same for me. He slightly rolled over to me and draped his arms around me. I kept my eyes closed,

"You know I really do love you princess." He said and kissed my check. I'm sure me meant it in the just friends way.

But it didn't stop the burning of passion surge through me.


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