Wrapped around your finger

Everything around Alicia was crashing down. She thought that her life couldn't get any worst. She never thought that someone actually cared about her; or even looked at her for that matter. But little did she know that her true love was a boy that's been there all along.


1. Late Night🌌

Alicia's Pov: 
The tears stream down my face as I try to wipe them away. I stare down at my phone, wondering what I ever did to deserve this. I slowly look up to the sound of a knock on my window. I attempted to clean myself up and walked across my room to the window. I opened it only to see the bright stars in the dark night sky. As I looked down, I saw my best friend with a rock in his hand, Luke. 
"Hey Ali Meet me out back?" 
I nodded as I trudged downstairs and walked out the back door. I found Luke standing near the door. I ran to him as the tears started to come back. 
"He d-dumped me..." I sobbed. "After 2 years and he decides that I'm not good enough anymore."
"He's not worth it. You're perfect in every way." He said as he put his arm around me as I cuddled into his chest as we sat there, watching the stars and forgetting all of the problems around us. 
I open my eyes to see Luke silently snoring as the sun beat down on us. I smile at him. Luke and I have been friends since we were young. Back then I was just another little girl on the playground who thought that they were going to be one of the popular girls but here I am, a junior in high school, who could barely even tall to anyone. I don't even talk to my parents. My dad left me when I was in 6th grade. It was hard. My nom didnt take it well either. She is almost never home which forces me to take care of myself. I guess thats why m "boyfriend" had meant so much to me. Someone who actually kinda cared about me. But hes gone, snd theres no going back. Lets just say that my life hasnt been the same since my life fell apart at such a young age. I feel like my dad left because of me. Maybe I wasnt good enough...
Suddenly, I was snapped out of my thoughts when Luke sat up next to me. 
"Hey" He said softly. 
"Hi" I replied. "Thanks for comforting me."
"Its no problem Ali." He said smiling. "I think of you as a sister. You know that."
I giggled.  
"Thanks Luke. You're the best."
Luke laughed as I leaned my head on his shoulder. 
"Hey Luke?" I asked, looking up at him 
"Yeah?" He said, his eyes lighting up. 
"I think I left my headphones at your house.." 
"O-oh..yeah, right." He pulled out a pair of white earbuds out of his pocket. "Here."
"Thanks." I said as I stood up and walked towards my back door. 
"I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow." Luke said awkwardly as he started walking to his house. 
"Yeah. See you then." I said as I disappeared in the darkness of my house. 

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