Teen Wolf

I'm Victoria and my best friends are Scott and Stiles I live in Beacon Hills where my mom is the mayor. Me and my friends go through a lot but we get through it at least most of the time.


1. Chapter 1

"Scott please don't."He looked down then back at my "bruise" "I can't loose you to."His eyes then glowed as he bit me.

I awoke screaming. My mom then ran in."Are you ok?!, what's wrong" I looked over at my alarm clock it was three am "I'm fine you should get some sleep it would look bad if the mayor fell asleep in a meeting." "Your my priority Victoria you can tell me anything you no that right." She looked right into my eyes ,my mother was stunning when she was younger but now at 38 she was a dull ten out of 15 on the scale of how gorgeous you are. I get my light green and slightly foggy eyes from my white grandfather but skin color from my black father.

"Yup goodnight luv ya."She looked at me as if she new my dream then stood "I love you to so much... tomorrow come straight home we need to talk." "As much fun as that sounds I have to go support Scott and Stiles at lacrosse practice." She smiled "it's good that you have them how long have you all been friends." I scoffed "Mom please were more than friends."Her eyes enlarged "We're best friends...have been since 3rd grade."She smiled "Goodnight I love you." She replied completely ignoring my last comment. "Night."

Next day•Tori's POV•

"Morning mom", I said smooching her check."Uck I have red lipstick all over me now and are you really wearing that." "Aww look we almost had 24 hours of no auguring."She looked at me clearly not pleased.

"Change no-" but she was cut off by Stiles's jeep honking."Gotta bounce." "Fine but after practice you are here." Lord this woman won't leave me be. "Yes ma'am", I said pretending to salute like in the army."At ease cadet."I smirked as I turned around."Luv ya." "Love you to." My phone was ringing... It was Stiles. "Yalo." "We're are you." He said. "Not being axe murdered if your wondering", I I replied sarcastic, I knew he was. " I would no that if you were in my car." "I'm coming dad." I then hung up .

•AT School•

"I think that she just hasn't had the pleasure of talking to me that's the only reason we're not married yet."I smiled "Hand me my bow." Stiles rolled his eyes, " I don't get why you decorate your locker every year when you'll just take it all down in ten months. "Well I like the color you sarcastic butt."He rolled his eyes again.

" Yah black and white so colorful." Stiles complained when Scott came in smiling like a fool."Why are you smiling like a like a lovesick puppy dog." He smiled even bigger "I just met the prettiest girl in the world." Ouch "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that."He smiled "Besides you of course." "That's better so tell me about your quote on quote pretty girl" her name is Allison and she's my future wife."Oh no don't go Stiles on me." "My next class is my last class I have alone and it's on the other side of campus so don't kidnap eny one while I'm gone see you at lacrosse practice."

Let me know what you think and who you think Victoria should be played bye.



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