<>SonicQuartz<> 's New Experience

Come experience a new world of good vs evil! When the Cloud kingdom of Hope and faith won the war from the Underground world of fire and darkness. A new worrier is born and will save his Kingdom from >Dark Diamond< and his army! Years later, an asteroid strikes the Cloud Kingdom and and the Worrier was never found! Where did he go, what happen to him, How will he recreate the Cloud Kingdom of Hope and Faith, and all Good Things? You will have to find out for your self.

*its a parody of Steven Universe, Avatar the last air bender, and Sonic The Hedgehog. I am not going to publish this book, I am still rewriting the story. The story will change a little when you reread the book.*


21. The fight between <>SonicQuartz<> and >DarkChaos<

Few mins later when <>SonicQuartz<> and >Dark Chaos< took off running away from the Dark Castle, they head to a big open field full of ashes that once was grass.

<>SonicQuartz<> continues running in the big open field and turns his head to see if >DarkChaos< is following him. >DarkChaos< is right behind <>SonicQuartz<>, but he isn't running, his flying with his wings instead to catch up with Quartz. Chaos gets to the right side of Quartz and they continue going forward for a while.

Chaos looks at Quartz and wonders how he is still alive by being struck by darkness. >DarkChaos< looks forward and says to Quartz ,"I see you still have the power of light still in you last time you got attacked by darkness. I wonder why is that?". <>SonicQuartz<> looks at him and says," I got help from some new friends weeks later after I got transported to a new world when your Father destroyed my home land!".

>DarkChaos< looks at him and says," Is that so, what a Shame! Its a good thing you left, when you left, we took over the sky. We own the sky now, there are no Gems, no Sun, no source of Light. But, You have been gone for a while, I got bored of no Gems around to kill these passed weeks, so I got some of my Dark Gem Worriers to bring you here. Now I wont be bored, and since you are the only Gem left holding me back from Controlling this entire world, there is no one to save you of what I am about to do and I will become The King of this Land!" Quartz looks at him and Chaos flies right to Quartz, pushing him into the ashy ground. >DarkChaos< holds on to <>SonicQuartz<> pushing him to the ground and when he stopped, Quartz kicked off Chaos with both of his legs. Chaos catches himself in the air instead with his wings of getting pushed to the ground then Home Attacks Quartz. <>SonicQuartz<> quickly gets up and home attacks too. They both hit each other, bounces backward and catches them self in the air by flying.

They start circling each other in the air in one big circle while looking at each other. "I still wonder how you survived being attacked by darkness, what kind of a powerful person helped you stay alive. I wonder if that person will show up, and if that happens, I would get even more power by two week pests!", >DarkChaos< says and laughs.

"That person wasn't the only one that helped me become more powerful and stronger. That person and <>White Diamond<> helped me overcome the darkness and become even stronger then before!", <>SonicQuartz<> says proudly!

>DarkChaos< jumps and says, "What! How is that possible! We destroyed <>White Diamond<>!".

"There are something different between me and you. Even though you got rid of her Fountain body and her Dragon body, her soul lives inside of my gem which became part of me. Me and her are now one Gem. Even though I got attacked by darkness and half of my Gemstone is gone, a new power she gave to me helped and restored my health, strength, power, and the will to go on! You think you can stop me, but you can't! With me and her powers combined, We Are Unstoppable! You Can't Stop Us!!!!" <>SonicQuartz<> says loud and proud with his left hand over his Emerald!

"No, it can't be... She is still alive... but she was destroyed weeks ago! Gems don't have that ability to combined them self with other Gems! ... No Wait! Darkness is still in you, I can feel it. Yes, the darkness is sealed inside you where it can't be broken! But the power of <>White Diamond<> is sealing it so it can't hurt you... I can't face you alone, I need help... I... I...", >DarkChaos says then turns around all worried... but then starts laughing and says," No, we are not different, if your Mother has that ability, then so does my Father! And if that is true, I can just touch your Gemstone and >Dark Diamond< will become part of you and fight <>White Diamond<> from the inside then you will be come Weak!!!!", >DarkChaos< says, turns around fast and blows a black lightning bolt at <>SonicQuartz<> Gemstone. Quartz gets struck in the chest by the lightning and flies backward a little with his head down and hand over his Emerald.

"See, darkness can still hurt you! Your not as strong as you think you are! You are still Weak!!!!", >DarkChaos< says while flying closer to Quartz. Chaos was about to do another blow, but Quartz quickly grabs his arm and makes his own lightning bolt of light and shocks Chaos's Emerald! >DarkChaos< gets zapped and flies back a little.

>DarkChaos< looks up at <>SonicQuartz<> and they both start trying to shoot bolts of lighting each other for a few mins. "ENOUGH!!!!!", >DarkChaos< says and makes a big streak of dark lighting at <>SonicQuartz<>! He keeps shooting the lightning streak and then stops, but <>SonicQuartz<> wasn't there! Chaos looks around, then he looks up and sees Quartz flying downward right to him and gets punched badly in the face which makes him fall to the ground hard!

>DarkChaos< hits the ground, looks up and sees <>SonicQuartz<> about to strike him again. Chaos gets out of the way, Quartz lands on the ground, then Chaos tackles him and pins Quartz down! >DarkChaos< grabs both of <>SonicQuartz<>'s arms and keeps them down on the ground so Quartz can't attack him.

Quartz struggles trying to break free, but can't, the touch of >DarkChaos<'s hands are making Quartz's arms very weak where he can't even move them at all. Quartz looks at his arms and sees they are turning black, then he starts getting scared then he looks at Chaos's face. >DarkChaos<'s eyes starts turning into a really bloody red color and black ewes from under his eyes starts dripping onto <>SonicQuartz<>'s face. <>SonicQuartz<>'s gets more scared and >DarkChaos< laughs. The suddenly a mouth starts to appear on Chaos's face, from the far left to the far right of his cheeks down to where his mouth should be. Chaos slowly opens his mouth wide and shows off his pointy teeth dripping black blood and sticks out his long pointy tongue.

<>SonicQuartz<> is really scared now, he tries to knock Chaos off, but can't because the darkness on his arms spread down to his legs and almost on his chest. >DarkChaos< moves closer to Quartz's and licks the front of <>SonicQuartz<>'s face, now Quartz is Really Scared! Quartz turns his head to not look at him then >DarkChaos< laughs and is about to bite <>SonicQuartz<>'s neck until-

Sonic comes out from the side of them two and Home attacks >DarkChaos< off of <>SonicQuartz<>! >DarkChaos< flies to the far right and growls when he starts picking himself up. Sonic and Quartz looks at each other and Sonic helps Quartz up. Them two holding hands, Quartz arms and legs starts turning back to normal.

"Why are you here, you didn't need to come!", <>SonicQuartz<> says confused. Sonic smiles and says," You can't have all the fun! Besides, we Sonic's need to stick together!"

<>SonicQuartz<> smiles and they both nod there head. They both look at >DarkChaos< and get in a fighting stance. Chaos gets really mad and flies right to them. Sonic and Quartz quickly gets out of the way and starts running around Chaos in one big circle. >DarkChaos< gets more mad and starts shooting lighting bolts and tries to hit one of them. Every time he misses, Sonic or <>SonicQuartz<> runs to Chaos and punches him then runs back in to the circle and continues running. >DarkChaos< continues firing dark lightning bolts, but then Sonic and <>SonicQuartz<> starts running a little more faster and the wind starts to blow hard near and inside the big circle.

>DarkChaos< starts getting blown side to side in the circle and when he bumps into the side of the wind circle, get gets knocked backward and gets knocked into the other side of the circle of wind and gets pushed to the other side. The circle of wind is now turning into a tornado, a very big and powerful tornado! >DarkChaos< gets cough in the the wall of the tornado and gets blown all around the inside.

>DarkChaos< gets blown to the top of the tornado really high in the sky then catches himself in the air with his wings and gets very dizzy. He looks down the eye of the storm and barely sees <>SonicQuartz<> flying straight to him and gets home attacked. Quartz flies up a little higher and shoots a streak of light at Chaos and sends him falling to the ground! >DarkChaos< hits the ground knocked out and Sonic stands on the side of him then <>SonicQuartz<> comes flying down on the other side of Chaos. Sonic and <>SonicQuartz<> looks at each other and smiles.

"Nice job, you knocked him out!", Sonic says and makes a thumps up. <>SonicQuartz<> smiles and says," You also helped. I can't have all the glory. Now follow me, I know a way to restore this world and bring back light.". They start walking back to >Dark Diamond<'s Castle.

Chaos gets up a little and watches them walk back to the Castle. "You... can't stop me that easily...," >DarkChaos< whispers to himself ," don't you know who I am... No Gem can stop my Fathers darkness... You are still... Weak!". >DarkChaos< gets up and flies straight to <>SonicQuartz<>! But Sonic hears him, turns around, sees Chaos coming straight to Quartz and pushes <>SonicQuartz<> out of the way. <>SonicQuartz<> falls on the ashes ground and looks at Sonic. >DarkChaos< removes his claws from Sonic's chest where his heart is then Sonic falls to the ground on his knees and one hand covering the strike then falls on the ground bleeding and starts turning darker blue. <>SonicQuartz<> gets on his knees and holds Sonic's head up. Sonic looks at Quartz with his eyes slightly open with his mouth open bleeding and holds up his other hand, but then Sonic's hand and head drops then he passes out before he had a chance of saying anything...

>DarkChaos< gets mad and <>SonicQuartz<> starts crying. <>SonicQuartz<> looks up at Chaos and get scratched on the face and falls on the ground. Quarts looks at Sonic's body while being on the ground, then Chaos grabs Quartz by the neck and starts chocking him and says, "He tried to save you. It was supposed to be you to die, but I guess he needed it more! Now no one can't help you! Where is that special power you own that helped you overcome the darkness hu? Oh that's right, you don't have it! You are still weak from the darkness that is in you, you have no power left in you to stop me!!!!".

>DarkChaos< moves one of his hands close to Quartz's Emerald and touches it. <>SonicQuartz<>'s Emerald suddenly turns dark black and Quartz Yells in pain. >DarkChaos< drops Quartz and Quartz is one his knees and hands struggling in pain! >DarkChaos< laughs and watches <>SonicQuartz<> start turning darker blue. Quartz falls to the ground and is being paralyzed by black lighting that is forming around himself.

"This is the Knight of the Sky Kingdom? He can't even handle the Darkness that is overwhelming him. Soon you will be turned into ashes and end the History of Gems and <>White Diamond<>!", Chaos says and starts walking back to the Castle.

<>SonicQuartz<> starts having a vision of <>White Diamond<> and >Dark Diamond< fighting each other as dragons inside of his Emerald. <>White Diamond<> is standing in front of <>SonicQuartz<> body guarding him so he doesn't get hurt by the darkness! >Dark Diamond< knocks down <>White Diamond<> and starts to create a big lava and fire asteroid and aims it at <>White Diamond<>. <>White Diamond<> tries to get up but can't, so she wraps her self around Quartz meaning she has lost. But then suddenly, her white and light blue fur starts glowing very bright. >Dark Diamond< gets shocked by her shining fur and fires the final blow, it hits <>White Diamond<> but nothing happen. When the smoke of the attack faded, <>White Diamond<> wasn't hurt! <>White Diamond<> is still alive wrapped up around Quartz, then she unwrapped herself, stands up with her fur shining brightly with out any wounds and creates a HUGE ray of Light from the Sky and Sun and strikes >Dark Diamond<! The light of the Sun and Sky created light cracks all over >Dark Diamond< and then the cracks start to shine bright and explodes >Dark Diamond< into a BIG fluffy white cloud! <>White Diamond<> turns around still in the stage, looks at <>SonicQuartz<> laying on the ground paralyzed, lower head and does the forehead touch on Quartz's then opens The Spirit Stage so it can help <>SonicQuartz<> over come the darkness and stop >DarkChaos<.

Back in the world of >Dark Diamond<, around <>SonicQuartz<> body, the dark lightning force field breaks and Quartz slowly stands himself up with his head down. >DarkChaos< turns around and gets shocked, so he runs to Quartz to scratch him, but Quartz looks up with his eyes glowing full white and the dragon trade marks glowing and grabs Chaos's arm right before he got scratched. Chaos looks at Quartz and gets surprised then looks at his arm and sees white cracks appearing on his wrist going down his arm. Chaos tries to scratch Quartz again, but then Quartz grabs that arm too and white cracks starts to appear on that arm as well. Chaos looks at Quartz's face and realizes he has the power of <>White Diamond<>, the power that defeated >Dark Diamond< long ago! Chaos looks back at his arms and the crack extended down to his chest surrounding his Emerald. The crack starts spreading all over >DarkChaos<'s body and he drops to the ground in pain. >DarkChaos< and <>SonicQuartz<> looks at each other and Quartz grabs Chaos's face and does the final lightning blow on him. The cracks start shooting out light and Chaos yells in pain then explodes into white clouds and then fades away.

<>SonicQuartz<> puts his hand down, looks up and the sky, closes his eyes, extends his arms and makes a Dragon Roar! Suddenly the sky stop raining ashes and starts creating white clouds, then the clouds started to rain and creates a rain storm all over the land of >Dark Diamond<. The clouds starts to form above the Castle of >Dark Diamond< and a big lightning bolt strikes and destroys the Fountain and the Castle with it. The storm creates more lightning and strikes everywhere on the ground bringing back life where ever the lightning stroke. The lightning turned everything back, the volcanoes back into mountains, the fire and ashes on the ground back into grass, flowers, and trees, and everything on the surface was brought back to life once again on the planet! 

The Spirit stage stops and <>SonicQuartz<> looks down with his eyes open. He looks down at Sonic's body and picks him up. Quartz closes his eyes and says ,"Mother, please send me back to Sonic's world. Create a portal to his world so Me and You can restore his life and bring him home.". His Emerald glows, a portal appears and Quartz walks in it.

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