<>SonicQuartz<> 's New Experience

Come experience a new world of good vs evil! When the Cloud kingdom of Hope and faith won the war from the Underground world of fire and darkness. A new worrier is born and will save his Kingdom from >Dark Diamond< and his army! Years later, an asteroid strikes the Cloud Kingdom and and the Worrier was never found! Where did he go, what happen to him, How will he recreate the Cloud Kingdom of Hope and Faith, and all Good Things? You will have to find out for your self.

*its a parody of Steven Universe, Avatar the last air bender, and Sonic The Hedgehog. I am not going to publish this book, I am still rewriting the story. The story will change a little when you reread the book.*


13. Poor <>SonicQuartz<>

In the last chapter, Sonic tried to help <>SonicQuartz<> run back to his cloud so he couldn't get captured. But, when <>SonicQuartz<> got home, Eggman was there and knocked him out. Eggman took him to his lab for tests.


<>SonicQuartz<> finally wakes up and moves his arms and legs, but they were chained up by big metal claws holding him down on a metal table. <>SonicQuartz<> looks where the claws were attached too and sees a big beam carbine pointing at his Emerald. <>SonicQuartz<> looks around the room and sees his trapped in a big metal room with the wall in front of him has a glass window.

"Oh your finally awake!", Eggman says ," I bet you don't know what is right in front of you? Well its a life draining machine. This will test how powerful your gem really is! If it does a good job at defending you, I can steal your gem and use it to take over this world! Your gem can help me destroy this planet!" <>SonicQuartz<> looks at the glass window and sees Eggman standing in front a big switch and says," There is no way you can take my power, or control it yourself! I wont let you take away my power for any reason!"

"We will see about that Blue Pest!", Eggman says in a Evil way and flips the switch! The machine start glowing and gets <>SonicQuartz<>'s attention. The machine is ready and shoots a lighting looking beam at his gem and the Emerald created a force field to block its self and <>SonicQuartz<>. Eggman smirks and turns up the ray to break the field. The lighting beam gets bigger and wider, so did the force field. "Your Emerald will have to give up soon!", Eggman says! He turns it up to the highest setting.

<>SonicQuartz<> closes his eyes and helps his Emerald by creating his own Lighting beam with his Emerald and fires it at the machine! Both of there beams hit each other and tries to hit one other. <>SonicQuartz<>'s Emerald helps him and their lightning hit the machine, the machine gets zapped and shuts down for a few mins. Eggman makes a evil grin and says," I knew your Emerald would do that. That's why I upgraded my machine to do more then just shoot lightning." <>SonicQuartz<> looks at Eggman from the window all confused.

"Now since I have scanned your Emerald at the same time my machine was trying to make your Emerald make a reaction, I got a good look at you and your Gems weaknesses and see you have the fear of the Darkness. Is that correct?", Says Eggman in a evil tone. <>SonicQuartz<> gets a scared look on his face, because he knows whats about to happen.

Telling by the look on <>SonicQuartz<>'s face, Eggman sees that he is right and says," If the darkness can take over you and your world, and if I my darkness can take over you, I can take your power from your Emerald can put it in my new Weapon and use it agents Sonic!" <>SonicQuartz<> looks down at his Emerald and sees that she is glowing in a bad way meaning, "its scared". <>SonicQuartz<> looks back at Eggman, lowers his head and closes his eyes with a sad and mad look at the same time. Eggman gets a evil look on his face and laughs. "Don't worry, this wont hurt. MUCH!", says Eggman and flips another switch and the machine shoots a beam of dark black lightning.

<>SonicQuartz<> picks his head up and yells in pain because the machine is making him and his Emerald instantly week and in A LOT of pain! Suddenly Sonic comes in. Eggman looks at Sonic and explains the machine can't be shut off. Metal Sonic comes out and grabs Sonic in a arm lock and Sonic tries to push him off but can't. Sonic looks threw the window and sees <>SonicQuartz<> yelling in pain and anger!

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