<>SonicQuartz<> 's New Experience

Come experience a new world of good vs evil! When the Cloud kingdom of Hope and faith won the war from the Underground world of fire and darkness. A new worrier is born and will save his Kingdom from >Dark Diamond< and his army! Years later, an asteroid strikes the Cloud Kingdom and and the Worrier was never found! Where did he go, what happen to him, How will he recreate the Cloud Kingdom of Hope and Faith, and all Good Things? You will have to find out for your self.

*its a parody of Steven Universe, Avatar the last air bender, and Sonic The Hedgehog. I am not going to publish this book, I am still rewriting the story. The story will change a little when you reread the book.*


11. Little chat with both Sonics

Days and weeks passed and <>SonicQuartz<> got to meet all Sonic's friends and got use to Sonic's world.


On one peaceful night, like all nights, <>SonicQuartz<> sits in his Castle near The Fountain in a meditation position. On the surface Sonic stands under the Cloud Castle calling <>SonicQuartz<>'s name. Clouds start to form under Sonic and carries him up to the Castle. Going up into the clouds, Sonic starts seeing the Castle walls in a open field of clouds. When the clouds carried him to the open Castle doors, Sonic stepped off and the clouds faded away. Sonic takes a step in, looks around and sees four small trees on each corner in the castle, then looks at the center of the Castle and sees <>SonicQuartz<> sitting on the cloud like floor in front of a Big White Fountain. He walks forward and sees sparkles circling around The Fountain, sees some dancing around in the Castle, and some floating around <>SonicQuartz<>. Sonic stands near <>SonicQuartz<>, sits down near him, lays back and watches The Fountain flowing with white clouds. <>SonicQuartz<> starts to shiver and it gets Sonic's attention. Sonic looks at him and sees that <>SonicQuartz<> is crying. Something made <>SonicQuartz<> sad, but it wasn't Sonic's fault.

Sonic puts his hand on <>SonicQuartz<>'s shoulder and says," You miss her don't you. I know its not a good feeling when you lost someone." <>SonicQuartz<> opens his eyes and looks at Sonic. They both look at each other and Sonic smiles. <>SonicQuartz<> looks down with his eyes closed and tries to be calm but can't. <>SonicQuartz<> covers his face with his hands and gets more sad and says," I wasn't there to save her... It came to fast...  I didn't make it... I wasn't fast enough..."

<>SonicQuartz<> continues crying, Sonic pats him on the shoulder to calm him and has a chat with him for a while.

Suddenly, the sparkles around <>SonicQuartz<> starts to shine bright and surprises Sonic. Sonic looks back at him and <>SonicQuartz<> uncovers himself from his hands. <>SonicQuartz<> slowly stands up with his head down and eyes closed. His Emerald starts to glow lighter blue then usual, <>SonicQuartz<> starts to crunch his fist, starts to take deep breaths and opens his eyes. His eyes are shining full white and it surprises Sonic.

 <>SonicQuartz<> takes deeper breaths and a air force field starts to surround him swirling in circles. A light blue glow starts to shine on his forehead and starts to form a symbol of <>White Diamond<> head as a trademark! The glow continues down on the back of the head to his neck in the form of her long dragon neck. The glow keeps going all the way down on his back and forms her long dragon body, creates the dragon tail in a spiral on his back, and her wings on his back quills. The glow starts to go down to his arms, legs, hands and feet in a form of her arms, legs, hands and feet. The trademark starts shining from his gloves and shoes. Last, one small trademark of <>White Diamond<> glows on his chest swirling around his Emerald. The trademarks didn't cover his whole body, only on top of his arms and legs, and on top of his back, forehead and around his gem. The trademark on his body starts to glows harder and the dragon body starts to swerve side to side on his body in one spot and the one around his gem starts to swirl in a big circle. The force field starts getting bigger and starts to levitate <>SonicQuartz<> a little bit from the ground, the wind began to blow harder, and all the sparkles in the Castle flies toward <>SonicQuartz<> and spins in circles around with the force field.


Suddenly, everything went quiet, and <>SonicQuartz<> starts to have another vision. <>SonicQuartz<> wakes up and realizes hes floating in the night sky once again. <>SonicQuartz<> stands himself up and sees <>White Diamond<> standing on a big cloud. <>SonicQuartz<> becomes happy and runs toward her. This time, there was no asteroid in the sky. <>SonicQuartz<> makes it to her, hugs her leg and cries happily. <>White Diamond<> lowers her head to do the forehead touch. <>White Diamond<> starts to speak and says," Its okay my child. I never left you. Always remember, you gem is part of me. I'm only here to tell you this one thing, then I must go." <>SonicQuartz<> was so happy to see his mother again!

They hug for a while and then <>White Diamond<> says, "Now that we meet again, its time for me to tell you the power I used that defeated The War of the darkness and I have passed on to you. Its called, "The Dragon Serpent Spirit Of Azure". The stage is very powerful and can happen anytime when you are in a good or bad situation. Sometimes this stage will happen when you or your gem is feeling down, upset, or anger, even when you feel loss. When this a cures, its hard to control it when you let all your feelings of anger or the feeling loss overwhelm you. You are now in that stage and look, you let your anger control how you feel."

The Stars forms into a portal and <>SonicQuartz<> sees himself in the stage with anger. "Your letting your anger control you. When you let anger be in control, everything falls out of balance, and you wont be able to control yourself if you don't try to overcome the feeling! Always try to feel happy, so when you get mad, you will gain control again. For a good cause, you can use your anger to become stronger in battle, but only that time you use it with anger, not when you feel down or down of hurt." <>SonicQuartz<> looks at her and nods.

<>White Diamond<> accepts his understanding and continues on the stage saying, "Now, there are other ways to become in this stage. When you get in a battle with someone and can use the stage to fight, and if you are very hurt or about to die, the stage will come and you can use it to fight back! Another way a stage will happen is when someone tries to take your gem or your power away from you. The darkness wants to end all life that constants light and happiness. If they get a hold onto your gem or they get into you, they will stop at nothing until you won't have the ability to stay alive. You must protect your self and your gem, your gem and your power is what keeps you alive, all darkness wants to end that power. When the darkness starts to get in control of you or your gem, you will become in the stage and it will destroy all darkness.

 These stages will happen a lot over time, so you will be able to learn when to use it and how to control it time by time. I can sense danger coming your way, so be careful out there, and never let your anger or the darkness keep you from being in control of you! Be safe my child, I know you can do it." <>White Diamond<> wishes him luck, does the forehead touch again and starts to walk away.

<>SonicQuartz<> get out of her reach and watches her walk away, so he runs to her to catch up and hugs her again hard so she can't leave and says, "No Don't go, I still need you! What if I'm not strong enough to do anything, how do I get back home! You can't leave me again!" <>White Diamond<> starts to fade into clouds in his hands and <>SonicQuartz<> starts getting sad and angry. Very quietly, he can hear Sonic's voice. The voice started to get louder and louder until-


Back in the real world, <>SonicQuartz<> is back in his body still in the stage of anger and Sonic is still trying to hold onto the floor! Sonic keeps talking to get <>SonicQuartz<>'s attention and says," Its not fun to lose someone, I have been there! But think of it this way, there is a probably a reason that happen and a good reason why you didn't get killed too! You are made to save your world, your the one only one to save it! Don't let the anger control you and make you feel like you can't save your world! We both know you can, and when you do, everything will be okay! Remember that! Anger wont help, believe me," Sonic looks down," it doesn't help me... Anger will only make it more worse!" Sonic looks back at him and says, "Let your anger out when you go back home, when you do that, then anger will help you win the fight! You will save your world! You can!"

Sonic tries to run toward <>SonicQuartz<> in the blowing hard wind. Sonic gets under <>SonicQuartz<> and grabs his arm. <>SonicQuartz<> looks down at Sonic with a angry look with his eyes all white with tears coming down his face and his Emerald glowing dark blue. Sonic tries to pull him out of the force field and hugs him hard for him to become calm in the blowing hard wind. Sonic says in a calming voice while hugging him in the blowing hard wind trying to push him off," Its okay, there will be a way to get home and have your mother back. Its okay, Its okay." By the words he said, the wind starts to stop blowing so hard, his gem becomes back to light blue, the symbol fades away, and <>SonicQuartz<> slowly starts to closes his eyes. He starts to cry and hugs back. Sonic continues to hug him for a while to make him feel more comfortable.


The Sun starts to rise from the night sky.

Sonic lets go and holds the sides of <>SonicQuartz<>'s arms. <>SonicQuartz<> wipes his eyes, looks at Sonic and thanks him. Sonic smiles and says," No problem dude. That's what family is for." Sonic lets go of his arms and holds out his hand, <>SonicQuartz<> looks down and shakes it. They both sit down and chats for a while.

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