<>SonicQuartz<> 's New Experience

Come experience a new world of good vs evil! When the Cloud kingdom of Hope and faith won the war from the Underground world of fire and darkness. A new worrier is born and will save his Kingdom from >Dark Diamond< and his army! Years later, an asteroid strikes the Cloud Kingdom and and the Worrier was never found! Where did he go, what happen to him, How will he recreate the Cloud Kingdom of Hope and Faith, and all Good Things? You will have to find out for your self.

*its a parody of Steven Universe, Avatar the last air bender, and Sonic The Hedgehog. I am not going to publish this book, I am still rewriting the story. The story will change a little when you reread the book.*


15. Is <>SonicQuartz<> still alive?

Sonic continues running through a open field carrying <>SonicQuartz<> which is breathing slowly. While hes running, and makes it to Tails's workshop. Sonic calls out for Tails and Tails comes out from behind his plane. Sonic sets Quartz on the grass, he tells Tails what happen, and Tails takes out his scanner. He scans him and realizes Quartz almost dead. They both get shocked and looks at Quartz. Quartz is frozen in the spirit stage and light blue looking cracks all over the front of his body with only half of his Emerald left and his eyes still shining.

All Sonic's friends comes running to Tails's lab because they saw <>SonicQuartz<>'s cloud is gone and saw Sonic running to Tails with him. They all sit around Quartz with there heads down, and Cream starts to cry. <>SonicQuartz<> starts struggling and everyone looks at him. Quartz's body starts jolting, meaning his being attacked from the inside. The light blue cracks start extending down his arms, legs, then on his head and everyone backs up. Quartz's eyes start turning gray instead of white, the trademark turning gray instead of light blue, Emerald and the cracks also turning gray too. Everyone gets very shocked and they all backed up. Tails gets close to him then moves his hand toward Quartz and tries to touch is Emerald, but he gets zapped and the Emerald makes a electricity force field around Quartz. Sonic moves closer to Quartz and the electric force field disappears and SonicQuartz slowly stops jolting.

Tails gets surprised and says, " Wow! Wait, Sonic, move away from him." Sonic looks at Tails then back at Quartz and moves back then the force field comes back and Quartz's jolts a little. Tails gets confused and says," Now move back toward him again." Sonic looks at Quartz and moves back then the force field disappears again and he stops jolting. They all realize that Sonic is doing something that is helping Quartz becoming okay. Sonic puts his hand above Quartz's head, the cracks and the trademark starts shining light blue where Sonic puts his hand above. They all get surprised and Sonic moves his hand above Quartz's body and where ever Sonic has his hand was above, the crack and the trademark glows light blue under his hand.

"Sonic, put your hand above his Emerald!", Tails says and has an Idea! Sonic does what Tails said and Quartz completely stops jolting but still struggling. Sonic puts his hand on his Emerald, it makes Sonic look up and his eyes shine full white. Everyone looks at him all shocked.


This time, Sonic is having a vision. Sonic opens his eyes and sees hes floating in the night sky. He looks forward and sees <>SonicQuartz<> almost dead laying on a big cloud. Sonic runs to him and sits down on the side of him. Sonic looks down with his eyes closed and then <>White Diamond<> appears on the other side of Quartz. Sonic opens his eyes and sees <>White Diamond<> wrapping her long body around Sonic and Quartz. Sonic looks at <>White Diamond<> and says," Are you his Mother?"

<>White Diamond<> speaks in a mother like voice and says," Yes I am. Thank you for joining us. I need you to help bring him back." Sonic gets confused and <>White Diamond<> explains. They both look at Quartz and watches him breathing slowly. <>White Diamond<> explains why she choose Sonic as her hero and tell him Quartz is part of him. Sonic understands and helps her get Quartz back.

They start getting ready to bring back <>SonicQuartz<>. Sonic puts his left hand on Quartz's Emerald and holds <>White Diamond<>'s left paw with his other hand. <>White Diamond<> puts her right paw on top of Sonic's left hand and does the forehead touch on Sonic. <>White Diamond<> tells Sonic," This might hurt you because your not a Gem. But you will be okay. I need you to help me recreate him.", then Sonic explains pain doesn't bother him and says he will help in anyway he can. They both start meditating and all of there eyes shines white and Sonic tries not to struggle in pain.


Back in the real world, Sonic still having the vision with his hand on Quartz's Emerald and his eyes glowing white. Quartz's Emerald starts shining light blue from under Sonic's hand and the light blue light starts spreading in the cracks then on his trademark. When the trademark and the cracks all turned light blue, Quartz's eyes shines Bright White and the light blue trademark and the cracks starts to disappear off his body. Both <>SonicQuartz<> and Sonic's eyes starts turning back to normal, they both close there eyes and passes out. Sonic falls on the ground and they both are fast asleep. Everyone gets surprised and watches them both fall asleep on the grass.

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