<>SonicQuartz<> 's New Experience

Come experience a new world of good vs evil! When the Cloud kingdom of Hope and faith won the war from the Underground world of fire and darkness. A new worrier is born and will save his Kingdom from >Dark Diamond< and his army! Years later, an asteroid strikes the Cloud Kingdom and and the Worrier was never found! Where did he go, what happen to him, How will he recreate the Cloud Kingdom of Hope and Faith, and all Good Things? You will have to find out for your self.

*its a parody of Steven Universe, Avatar the last air bender, and Sonic The Hedgehog. I am not going to publish this book, I am still rewriting the story. The story will change a little when you reread the book.*


5. A new world?

After a few day of the explosion, <>SonicQuartz<> continues falling out of the sky from out of the portal. The portal that he fell in brought him to a new world. The portal appeared in the new worlds sky and <>SonicQuartz<> comes out of the portal and continues falling. <>SonicQuartz<> starts to fall out from under the clouds and starts falling above a field in a big forest of trees.


Coming down very fast from the sky, he finally landed on ground hard, but is still knocked out. The big streak from the explosion that hit him when <>White Diamond<> got destroyed, also hit his gemstone and it cracked right from the top left to the bottom right. The explosion knocked him out cold, along with his cracked gem.


<>SonicQuartz<> is now laying in a open field of grass in a big forest of trees. A group of little animals saw him falling from the sky and landed hard on the ground, so they started to walk toward him. One by one, they all stood near him in a circle. One of the little animals was a little blue bird, she looks at him and tried to move his hand for him to wake up, but <>SonicQuartz<> didn't feel it. The little blue bird jumps on his chest, walked to his head, look at his face with his eyes closed, and started to make little bird sounds. But he didn't make any movement. Slowly dripping from <>SonicQuartz<>'s closed mouth was light blue liquid, meaning he is bleeding. (Gems do bleed but only if there gemstone is badly damaged and if they get scratched on there body). The little blue bird told one of the little animals to go get help! One of the animals ran to find help and the rest of them stands around <>SonicQuartz<> trying to wake him up.


Few hours later, the little animal came back with someone! The little animal started to tug the persons arm to walk faster!

"Okay okay, I'm hurrying. I don't want to trip over you if I run! Heh Heh.", says Sonic The Hedgehog walking as fast as he can. (Not Sonic Boom Sonic, the one before him. The original Sonic.)

Walking through the forest of trees and enters the open land, Sonic starts to see the group of animals standing around a person. He walks closer and sees that the person looks just like himself. Sonic stands behind the group of animals and looks down at <>SonicQuartz<> with a shocked look on his face. Looking at <>SonicQuartz<>, Sonic bends down on one knee next to him. The Little blue bird points that hes knocked out. The little animals move out the way and Sonic picks <>SonicQuartz<>'s head up. Sonic looks down and sees his Emerald and moves his hand toward it. The Emerald zaps Sonic's finger and flashes light blue electricity around itself. Sonic looks back at <>SonicQuartz<>'s head and sees hes bleeding in a way from his mouth and Sonic gets startled.

Sonic picks him up and carries him. "Thanks for bringing me! I will go get help!", Sonic says and takes off running to his house caring <>SonicQuartz<>. While hes running, he looks at <>SonicQuartz<> for a second a couple of times, and continues running. With out Sonic questioning who he is, how he got hurt, or where he came from, he keeps running.

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