Elle is unknown at her school and is having a hard time after the loss of her parents. She has no-one to talk to but when the new guy walks in will everything change? Will she open up? Aren't you dying to know well read this book to find out! ;)


6. Chapter 6

I drove home and got Esme upstairs into her room. I got dressed and slept in a chair in Esme's room to look after her. It was an hour until-

"Aaaaaaaaah!" Esme screamed. She was kicking her legs and shaking her head left to right.

"Sh-sh it's okay I'm here!" I said trying to comfort her.

She woke up and was breathing heavily. I have her a towel so she can wipe her sweaty head.

"Can I have some cookies and milk?" She asked.

"Yeah sure. I'll go get it." I said walking to the door. I felt very sorry for Esme because she was going through a rough time and she must be feeling lost and depressed. I walked into the kitchen and poured some warm milk into a glass and then I took some chocolate chip cookies out of a cupboard. I was just about to turn around when-

"Hey, baby." The voice whispered in my ear. I knew very well who it was. It had been 2 years but I still recognised that voice. It was him.

"Get away from me!" I said smashing the glass into his face but it missed. Then I felt a rag being put into my mouth. That was when I blacked out.

I woke up and I saw some sun and a green wallpaper.Where was I? What happened to me? BANG! BANG! BANG!


Hey guys! Here's another chapter for y'all! I hope you like it. I would really like to know everyone's opinions on this book because I feel that I need your inputs if I want to carry on writing this story. Also remember to like, favourite and spread the word to all your friends so they can read this story too. Iky out!

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