Elle is unknown at her school and is having a hard time after the loss of her parents. She has no-one to talk to but when the new guy walks in will everything change? Will she open up? Aren't you dying to know well read this book to find out! ;)


3. Chapter 3

I woke up and saw a black wallpaper full of drawings. I could smell smoke and bed sheets. I stood up and could feel my feet touch the soft carpet. I looked out of the window and saw that it was raining and cold. I loved rain it made me think of new life of flowers and how it looked so pretty. I turned around to face the bed and saw a figure in the bed still sleeping shirtless. Maybe I was kidnapped! I stepped back after thinking of being kidnapped and dropped a cigarette box and a lighter on the floor.

"Mmmmmmhm," the man mumbled. He stood up and once he turned around to face me I punched his chest. It hurt my fist. Ow!

"Calm down it's me, Zayn!"

"What the hell!" I shouted in relief.

"Sorry! I saw you in the graveyard sleeping so I took you in. I would've dropped you home but I didn't know where you lived." He said.

"Oh, thank you and sorry!" I said feeling guilty. I picked up the objects I dropped and gave it to him. He quickly snatched it off me and threw it behind him.

"I should go." I said looking into his dark eyes. I took one step to the door but he stopped me by grabbing my arm.

NO!I mean please have breakfast with me." He said convincingly.

"I dunno." I said looking at the floor. He pulled my chin up and said, "Please."

"Fine. But can I make it?" I asked.

"Please, I'm rubbish at cooking!" He said smiling.


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