Elle is unknown at her school and is having a hard time after the loss of her parents. She has no-one to talk to but when the new guy walks in will everything change? Will she open up? Aren't you dying to know well read this book to find out! ;)


2. Chapter 2

I walked into class and sat right at the back, where the teacher and nobody else could notice me. Alexa walked in and sat in her usual seat which was in the middle of the class so everyone could see her. She looked at me and gave me her famous "evil eye". To me it looked like her eye was going to pop out but it never did! (It would be better if it did.)

"Okay class, today we will be learni-" said sir but he was cut off with a knock at the door.

"I'm in this class, I just moved here." The dark haired boy said walking in.

"Ok, well there are many seats. There's one next to Alexa and one at the back." Said sir.

Alexa started to pat the seat next to her and I was just staring at him. Then he just sat down and Alexa gave me a "watch what I do to you" look.

"I'm Zayn." He said looking at me.

"I-I-I'm Elle." I answered.

"That's a beautiful name."

I smiled and looked back at the teacher. Even though I wasn't looking at him I could feel him staring at me. Why was he looking at me?


It was lunch and I sat at my normal table with Leyla but it was surrounded by Alexa's gang.

"Let's go, Elle, we'll eat in the library." Leyla advised. We were just about to go when-

"Look who it is it's Ley-Low and Ella-bitch!" Shouted Alexa walking towards us while the gang laughed and followed. I could recognise some of the bystanders but there was one in particular. Lucas. He was my ex-boyfriend that only went out with me so they could get passes to a club that Esme had. He was such jerk!

We turned around and looked at them.

"The name's Leyla and Elle," Leyla said fiercely.

"Better back off and stop your flirting." She said.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" I said.

"ZAYN.IS.MINE!" She growled walking away laughing.

I stood up and ran out to my car and drove to the graveyard. I went up to two grave stones and kneeled down.

"Mom,Dad please come back!" I cried tears streaming down my face. I closed my eyes and asked God why he did this to me? Why did he make me live? Why did he create this world full of hate? Slowly, I fell asleep between my parents gravestones.


Hey guys this is my second chapter and what a sad ending. What will happen next? Well I'm going to leave it there and you'll just have to come back and read tomorrow! Alexa is such a meanie isn't she? Well we do have to remember the world is also full of bad guys so we have to try and pull our socks higher, get our running shoes on and avoid the bumps! Anyways keep reading, like it and favourite it! Remember to share it with your friends and I would also like to say that every like is appreciated and there will always be a place in my heart for everyone who reads even the haters so please have a good day and SMILE! :)

QOTD: Are you a goth or a hippie?

My answer: I'm more of a goth, what can I say Most of my wardrobe is full of black! 💀💀


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