Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Emily is a young girl, that lives in Louisiana. After buying a strange box at a garage sale, she begins to act very strange....


1. The Garage Sale

In New Orleans, Louisiana around the year 2006 there was a little girl named Emily. Emily’s parents were divorced and it was her dad’s turn to have Emily and her sister. Emily’s father is some sort of weird scientist who studies all sort of different things that Emily never understood. Her father decided to take a break from his work and wanted to take his daughter out of the house for a while.

As they were driving they saw some sort of garage sale and they decided to go and check it out. Emily got out of the car and started to look around. She found a box and decided that’s what she wanted. Her father bought her the box and then they both went home. When they got there Emily took the box to her room and started to check it out she tried to see where it opened she finally found the little latch on the front of the box. She opened it up and saw that there was a ring, a pearl necklace, and a drawing. The drawing was mostly faded, but you could still see it was a wedding drawing. She looked on the back of the drawing and it said Harry and… Emily couldn’t read the other name because it was smudged. The year on the drawing said 1864. She tried on the ring it was a little big, but it was beautiful. The pearl necklace was old and delicate, but  it was still  very shiny like it was brand new.

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