Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Emily is a young girl, that lives in Louisiana. After buying a strange box at a garage sale, she begins to act very strange....


2. The Box

The next day at school, Emily brought the box with her to school. A boy in her class named Max started to show interest in her box. He walked over to it and started to check it out. He tried to touch it, but Emily stopped him and when he tried to touch again she attacked him. She pushed him, punched him, and even bit him. Emily was called down to the principal’s office and a few minutes later her parents arrived there. Emily has never been a violent person and when her parents heard what happened they were worried. They start to think that they should take her to a therapist. Emily’s parents started to discuss what had happened and what to do about it.

Emily’s father realized she gotten in the fight at school over the box and he also realized that she started acting strange right after she got the box and he decided to find out more about the box. He went back to the house where they’d gotten the box in the first place and he brought the box with him. When he got there he knocked on the door and an old woman looked out the window to see who it was and when she saw Emily’s father with the box and she started to panick. Soon after the old woman led Emily’s father to an old church, it was a jewish church. The pastor of the church who is known as Father Tom told Emily’s father that the box had a lot of history. The box was made back in 1862 and it was made out of wood from a stolen coffin and it was said to be cursed by an evil spirit.

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