Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Emily is a young girl, that lives in Louisiana. After buying a strange box at a garage sale, she begins to act very strange....


9. Finding Emily

Back at Emily's house, her mother woke up on the floor.  She looked around for a minute she forgot where she was, but then she remembered she was still in the Emily’s bedroom. She got back to her feet and walked down the stairs to the kitchen and she saw that the back door was wide open, it only took her a second to realize the door was open because Emily must of ran out that door after she hit her mother in the head and was in such a hurry to get out of there, she even bother to close the door behind her. Her mother panicked, she didn’t know where Emily was or where she was going, and she also had no idea how long she was out, she looked over at the clock on the kitchen stove which read 2:33 a.m. “ Oh god “ Emily’s mother thought to herself. “ I must’ve been out for a whole hour, Emily could be anywhere by now…” . She walked over to the wall phone and dialed her ex-husband’s number, it went to voicemail. She hung up. “ Looks like I’m going to have to find Emily on my own”.

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