Earth is an interesting planet, but the humans are not. Humans are dumb and clueless, they think of aliens as green headed creatures that have no brain that just like to shoot humans in flying saucers and say "ayy lmao" that's what dumb humans think. We look like humans, but we have 2 brains. One human brain, and one high intellegence that knows everything, you can compare the smartest human to us and honey, we make them look like a dumb dog. But this is a story on how humans have tried to overthrow us, those idiots.


1. Betrayal

     Feelings, icky emotions.  The stuff some "aliens" never bothered to learn.  The emotions make you week, make you loose in the battle, aliens don't loose.  Aliens win, we're in it to win it.  At 5, I was sent to Earth as an undercover mission.  I felt my first emotions, fear, sadness, curiousity.  I cried as I gripped my mother.  She was emotionless, she didn't care.  It was easier for younger aliens to feel emotions.  The older you get, the more cruel you'll be.  That's how we work, but I was a science experiment sent to Earth.  They locked me here.  I could never escape, I blended in.  No, I was not alone but I was not popular.  I got adopted by some nice parents who I truly loved, they gave me my clothes and food.  They were not rich but I didn't care.  I also had a great friend and a great boyfriend.  But i'm not enjoying it or feeling real emotions, no i'm still a  normal alien.  It annoys me how the movies expect us to have big green or blue heads but really we're the same except we have 10 big brains that somehow fit in a human sized head so we're super smart.  But everyone thinks we're dumb ugly creatures than want to take over the world but then fall in love with some dumb human and they get married and nobody rules the world.  Ha! Like we can fall in love, but I felt one emotion when my "best friend" left me, betrayal.  The first real teenage alien emotion ever.  I'm slowly molding into a human.   

     I was popular, simple as that.  Had maybe 20 friends from my class and 2 best friends.  I didn't like being popular I don't control it.  My name is Kaionaje but i'm called Kate.  My name is Kate Naje in this world.   Humans are dumb selfish beasts.  Well some are selfish, and some are Mike.  Mike is a completely selfless person who would do anything for another person and if somebody hurts a person you better hope Mike doesn't witness it.  Mike has a huge crush on me, it's not like Mike is ugly and geeky or anything.  He's hot and popular but i'm an alien so I can't fall in love, and he's a weak human.  But maybe the aliens will free me and i'll enjoy my arranged marriage and name my child something weird like Ivan.  That's my plan, nobody understands how much better aliens are and how evil they can be.  Go ahead, call me weird, ugly, but you know who doesn't care? Me.  I'm a popular alien with lots of friends i'm not entirely proud of it but it'll have to do.  But friends don't come without enemies.  My ex-bff suspects i'm strange and wants to reveal me for the alien I am.  But i'm admitting it right now? Because I became a world famous author that everyone wants to read my books.  I'm too interesting, too amazing and surpisingly not dissected.  But didn't I ever go to my home planet? Yes, once.  Basically I don't want to spoil this wonderful high school story for you, buts sorry sweetheart.  Spoiler Alert: I'm married. 

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