It's Too Late

"He said I would never be more than a friend."

This book is about a girl named Emily who ends up falling for her friend Luke Roberts, but what happens when he has feelings for her even though he told her that she was nothing more than a friend? Read to find out!


3. Do you like me?

Em's pov

I woke up to my mom calling my name. I look over at the clock to see it is 8:30 on a Saturday morning. Ugh.

"WHAT" i yelled outside my door, it is Saturday i should be asleep till 9 or 10. "GET READY HAVE TO LEAVE TO GET ELI" My mom yelled from down stairs. "WHY, SPRING BREAK HASN'T EVEN STARTED YET?" I asked confused. "FOR HIM IT HAS. NOW STOP YELLING AND GET READY." i sighed at her words but walked to the closet to pick out. I grabbed a white shirt, black jeans and my black and white converse. I put my clothes and shoes on the bed and walk out.

I go to my bathroom and start the shower. I take off my pj's then jump in the water. I wash my hair then body. I get out and wrap my towel around my body.

Once i put my clothes on i go back to the bathroom and  do my make up. I put on a nude eye shadow, black eye liner , and a light pink lip gloss. I throw my hair in a messy pony tail. I go back to my room and grab my phone before heading down stairs.

"Are you ready,we have to pick Eli up at the Air port." Dad said as i walked down the stairs and into the living room. "Yeah" "Okay lets go" mom said walking out the door and to dad's truck. Dad has a ford truck, mom has a Lincoln and i have a 2012 infinity, it was my moms old car.

I get in the back seat and open my phone. I have a text from Luke. hey Em i have to ask you something . Mom turned on her music so i decide to reply to Luke. 

conversation. L-Luke E- emily

E- Hey luke, whats the question?

L-before i ask you have to promise me you will tell me the truth and if you don't i will now if you are lying.

E-okay i promise now tell me i am getting worried!

L-Do you like me?

I saw the text pop up and i mentally screamed, why would he ask this? Am i that obvious? Did Amy tell him? I am debating on texting him back

Luke-Em do you?

I decide to answer him but i might soon regret it. 

Em-yes, but i know you like that girl who goes to Warren HS. 

L-Em i don't want ot be rude or hurt you but you now we will never be more than friends. I like you like a sister and that is all. 

I read his text but decide not to reply. what was the point of asking me?

"Emily did you here your father?" No "Yeah" i said hoping she doesn't think i am lying "Okay now go help him find Eli. I nod and get out of the car following my dad in the air port. "EM" i heard my name being called so i search for the voice to see Eli waving frantically. I haven't seen my brother since Christmas. Eli walks over to dad and gives him a hug then does the same to me. "Sup sis havent talked to you in a while" he said while punching my shoulder. "Yeah" i would have been more excited but Luke messed that up. "Whats wrong?" Eli asked concerned as we followed dad back to the car and eli pulling his bag. "Nothing just thinking" i said "About a boy?" He asked while moving his eyebrows up and down. "No" i say slowly so he won't get suspicious. "That is right my little sis doesn't think about boy's because she knows i will beat them up." "Oh yeah that is why" i say sarcastically. We get to the car and put Eli's suit case in the back. 

while in the car we discuss what we want in the car eli complaining that he wants food. "why don't we just go home so Eli can eat and sleep after" Dada said to mom. "Fine" mom sighed then sat back. "Hey rents can i go to the mall with Amy and Alex so we can go shopping." "fine just be back before midnight" Mom said "You know Em some times i think Alex is gay" Eli said "NO he isn't we just told him that if he goes we eill get him food" I said while trying not to laugh. 

we get home and i run inside so i can  get my keys. I run into my room and close the door.I go to my dresser soon my door opens  "Em hurry i want to go" Amy said whining. "Yeah em the sooner we go the sooner you get what you want and i get free food" Alex said in the same voice as Amy. "Okay im coming let me get my wallet and keys then we  can go." I grab both things and head out the door. 
"Alex i get the front you got it last time" Amy whines while trying to pull Alex out of the passenger seat. "Alex if you don't let her in the front you are not getting food" as the words left my mouth alex jumped out of the car and to the back. Me and Amy laughed as she got in the car.

We soon got to the mall. "where do you want to go first?" Alex asked as we walked into Jcpennys to get to the rest of the mall. "Alex what type of question is that?" "it is a fucking question" He replied. "We are going to Hot Topic because they had a cute bathing suit that i liked." i say. "Okay" 

We end up going to Hot Topic me and Amy wanted similer swim suits. "Amy look there is Ariel swim suit and a silver mermaid." i said "Oh lets try them on" she said. We walked to the dressing room and i stood out side as Amy walked in. I gave her both swim suit. "Em i think you should get the Ariel one." she came out wearing the Silver one. "Omg you look cute" i said "Alex what would you think if you where a cute boy that was straight?" I laughed at the end of her question. "Excuse me mam I am as straight as could be and If i didn't think of you as an horrible,disgusting  monster i would think you are hot" He said with a serious face. 

once amy changed back into her clothes i tried on the Ariel one. Alex said that we looked cute soi i decided to buy the Ariel one and Amy brought the silver one. Soon after we paid then we left to eat at chick-fa-la. 

After leaving the mall i drove back home and they walked next door to thier houses.

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