Demigods: Our Journey Begins

My name is Aurora, and my life is a living hell. I've been abused mentally and physically, been abandoned, and almost everything and one I loved is dead. Now I'm back here at the orphanage with my little nephew who I've sworn to protect. Things change when I wake up in the middle of the night full of monsters and demigods.......


2. Camp Half Blood and Being Claimed

No one asked how I got in the attic.

No one asked where I got the camera.

I guess that was normal for them?

Who knows.

Apparently, I've been asleep for five days. Five effing days! That was enough time for my leg to heal just enough, so he didn't hurt that much when I walked. I really didn't notice it at all. One of my stitches did break though and Annabeth ( the blonde hair and grey eyes chick ) called a kid of Apollo to check me and Brown eyes ( who I also figured out is named Lucas ). They made me change out of my pajamas that someone apparently put on me ( better of not of been a boy or I swear...) and changed into a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a orange shirt that says Camp Half Blood.

" Do you have a hoodie that I could wear or something?" I looked at the ground trying to cover my stick arms as much as possible.

" Why would you wear a hoodie in summer?" Percy ( sea green eyes ) raised an eyebrow.

" I'll go get you one," Lucas said before I could answer Percy.

I watched as he ran to the back of the house and soon came back with a grey hoodie with the words Camp Half Blood printed in orange on the breast area.

I slipped it over my head. What do you know? A perfect fit.

" Well, I guess it's time to show you around," Annabeth gave one of her sweet smiles and opened the front screen door.

" Wow," I looked out at the view.

In the distance, I saw a single tree on a hill. For some reason, it felt like it was special like it held some type of force. I saw over 20 buildings all having different textures and features. There was a stable far away from here. I'm not sure of the animal though. I saw targets near the forest and archers shooting at them of course. Also, there was a building near that people walking in and out with weapons. Is that a lava wall? Fighting Arena? Amphitheater? I see tables in an area surrounded by torches I guess they dine. In the center of it laid a blazing fire.


 I shuddered at the thought. Of course, Annabeth and Percy pointed out everything I know already except for one thing.

About half of the main buildings in the middle that shaped in an oval are called cabins. Each cabin meant a house of a god or goddess. In the oval, there is about 20 buildings. Now beside it more near the ocean, there was a square. The name for them were quarters. Each one of represent a titan. In all, there are 12 of them.

" How will I be able to tell if I'm a titan or not?" I asked," and when I do figure out, how will I be able to tell who's my parent?"

" You'll know when they claimed you," Lucas told me.

" How will I know if I've been claimed?"

" Oh you'll know."




Annabeth and Percy left me with Lucas to show me around the camp. They said they had more important things to do around the camp. I assume they weren't trying to be mean when they said that to me though.

Lucas seems like such a great guy. He's sweet and kind and nice. I'm not crushing on him though. He sorta reminds me of a brother to me for some reason I can't explain it. Maybe he reminds me of Selena. Maybe.

" If you don't mind me asking, is your parents a god or titan?" I asked him hoping I wasn't being to forward.

" Titan," He answered.

" Mother or father?"

" Mother."

" Who was she?"

" Calypso."

" Did she have any powers?"

" Why do you ask so many questions?"

I was so taken back by this that I stopped dead in my tracks.

So great for being great. The only male I think I'm ever gonna really be close to is...

" My baby!" I screamed.

" What?" Lucas turned towards me.

" My baby boy!" I was yelling," where in the hell is he?!"

People were staring, but I didn't care.

" Last time I checked, they put him in the Athena Cabin," He told me," but..."

I ran faster than light down to where Lucas had showed me the cabin. I slammed open the doors and looked around frantically. That's when I saw him with Annabeth. He seemed to be crying.

I immediately took him out of her arms.

" Thank the gods your ok," I hushed his cries.

He soon started giggling when I started giving him tommy tickles.

" You're very attached to him," Annabeth appeared in front of me.

I just nodded my head.

" So... what is he to you?" She rubbed his head.

" My brother," I lied.

" How would you know that if you were in the orphanage?" She asked.

" My parents got sick of us and dropped us off," I lied again.

" Parents?"

" Real dad," The lies kept coming," stepmom."

" I see," She nodded her head," well, you don't have to worry about him. Riley is in good hands Olivia."

" How do you know our names?" I really meant our fake names.

" We got your records from the orphanage," She explained.

That created a bad feeling at the bottom of my stomach. She had no right to do this even if she meant it for the better. " You can trust me Olivia," She put a serious face on and placed a hand on my shoulder," he's not in any danger. I swear to the gods. Now, why don't you go meet some campers and make some friends.

I was hesitate at first, but I gave her Tony, gave him a kiss on the forehead, and I promised I would be back soon.

When I walked out of that cabin, I was crying.




That night I was sitting at Lucas's table since I haven't been claimed yet.

I wasn't really hungry, so I decided to go through some of my old photos of Selena, Tony, and I. Tony was only a week or two old at the time when she passed, so there wasn't that many photos of him, but Selena and I go back a year or two on this camera, so there's plenty. Currently, I'm looking at one from last year. It was winter. Perfect pure snow covered the ground. Selena and I were posing in front of an oak tree while the camera was set on a park table. It was timed for 15 seconds? I can't really remember. Selena was sticking out her tongue while I stick up bunny ears behind her head. Classic.

Lucas glanced at the photo, but I quickly put it away.

" I'm sorry," He apologized," I didn't mean to be noisy Olivia."

So he knows my fake name too.

I didn't say anything as I got up and walked towards the campfire. Colors of blue and purple danced across the burning logs as they turned to ash. The smell of burning food as campers sacrificed to their godly parents filled my senses with a certain pressure of belonging. Songs about vicious battles between gods and titans maneuvered its way through the air. I sorta wanted to move with it, but that would of been strange and creepy.

Lucas walked pass me making his way to the titan's camp fire. They seemed to have a different rhythm. It sounded more sinister but intriguing. I wasn't sure what they were singing about, but I wanted to find out. The smell was bitter.

I stayed though. A feeling in my gut told me this was where I needed to be. I looked back to the god's fire. Even though it was beautiful, I didn't want to get any closer. Ever since I was a kid, I was afraid of fire. I had nightmares about it.

Wait a minute... Now that I think about it, they're sorta like my vision I had earlier. In my dream, I would hear a girl's voice, but I could never make out anything. Then the rest would just interrupt into flames.

When I was about to look away, I saw something. It was in the fire. A small girl. She's smiling with a boy around her age. They're just little flames running around playing. I can hear the laughter. That's when suddenly the boy collapses. The girl looks confused. She's at the boy's side now cradling him. I can hear him in my ear coughing and gasping for air. Slowly, his flame goes out. The girl knows he's dead. She gets angry! She so angry that....

" Ah!" Someone screamed causing the images in the flames to diminish," her hands in the flames!"

I looked down to see where I was. I was about a foot away from the flickering colors. My right hand entered the mouth of the fire. It should be burning. It should sizzling with horrid pain. I should be screaming. I should be crying out in pain. I should be taking my hand out. But no. Instead, I keep it there. It feels... warm. All fears and stress seems to disappear. It feels like it would be homey if I ever really felt that way before. It was welcoming. Hesitating, I took my hand out of the fire. Immense in the element, I turned my hand back and forth. Back and forth. Everyone's eyes one me. They're eyes flowed my hand every each way. With my other hand, I placed it above the flames. The light ran to it as if attracted. I moved both hands in circles. It began to form into a sphere.

I looked around to see I even got the attention of the demititans. They all stared in awe as the ball of light seemed to grow some how as if on command. The flames created emotions for the world to see. It's amazing how it transforms lives. It has the power to shape, destroy, and create.

That's when another light caught my eyes. Everyone ooo and aweee as a bright hammer appeared over my head. So shiny and revealing. What is this anyway?

" All hail the daughter of Hephaestus!"


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