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I was just getting home from school, I knew my brother was gong to be mad about this "D" but what else was i supposed to do? When I got home I opened the door. "I'm ho-."


5. When I love you (Continuing Bamba x Hiroki)

Chapter 5.....


As he was sleeping Hiroki felt a pair of familiar hands resting upon his head. He slowly opened his eyes only to reveal that it was Bamba. For a girl her hands were small but for some reason it reminded him of Usagi's hands. He jolted up from his bed as he got a clear vision and looked at her. "How did you get in here!?" He asked her. Bamba smiled and reached in her pocket in pulled out a pair of keys. "Just a little gift I found~" She giggled. Hiroki was about to yell at her when she suddenly gestured to the table, "By the way, I made us some breakfast." 

Hiroki stared at the food hearing his stomach growl telling him it's time to eat. He got out his bed and headed to the table and sat down eating his share of the food as Bamba ate hers. After finishing his rice he sat the bowl down and leaned his elbow on the table and rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he eyed her. "Tell me why I have to be your tutor?" Bamba gazed up surprise with a piece of rice stuck on her cheek, "You don't know?" He slightly looked irritated, "Hell would I know!" He slightly yelled. She raised a brow and looked into her bowl, "I wonder Indeed." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. After breakfast was over Bamba went in the kitchen and began wash the dishes. Hiroki glanced up at her as he was deep in thought, when Bamba noticed him looking at her she slightly smiled at him and surprised from the sudden glance he jumped and bumped into the book shelf knocking over some books that was about to crush him but Bamba protected him. As he opened his eyes he turned to look behind him seeing Bamba shielding him and got out of her hold. Bamba looked at him and smiled cutely, "You know, you owe me one now~" Hiroki eyes widen and then he sighs. "Fine, only because she protected me." He muttered under his breath.

(The next day)

Hiroki walked up to his apartment and opened the door spotting Bamba asleep on the floor with a book in her hands. He looked at her and stared down at her hands, 'How are they similar.....no..the only thing that's the same between the two our their hands." He quietly thought to himself. Bamba slightly moved and her eyes began to flutter open and spotted Hiroki, "Ah I see your home." She said and slightly yawned. Hiroki looked at her, "Yea." He said and sat his bag down seeing her work on the table, "Go wash your face while I grade your work." He said. Bamba nodded and sat the book down as she stood up grabbing a dry towel and went to the kitchen and turned on the hot water and began washing her face. Hiroki looked at her paper and began to grade it noticing she got them all right. Bamba turns off the water and dries her face as she looked at him, "So...did you finish your thesis?" She asks, He looks up at her, "yea, but I would have to write another one." She slightly raise an eyebrow, "Why?" She asks as she walks in the room, "Because I would have to stay in school." "Hmm? Would you have to repeat?" She asked him as she eyed him. Hiroki slightly got angry and huffed, "I have you know I'm at the top of the literature department, I'm just trying to graduate." He said. Bambi smiles, "Wow, your amazing." Hiroki slightly blushes,"N-now don't get the wrong Idea I wasn't trying to brag or anything." Bamba sat down in front of the table and looked at Hiroki, "What's wrong with bragging, you should brag..because your really amazing." She said and smiled cheerfully. 

"Being around Bamba make me weird." He silently thought. Hiroki then notice a book on the table and pick it up. "Oh, I'm sorry, I just sort of helped myself to it. Do you like that author? I mean you have many of the authors book. Do you know him or something?" Hiroki stayed silent for awhile and then spoke, "Yea I do. He was a child hood friend of mine." Bamba looked at him, "I see, a childhood friend." Thinking back over the years he was my first love and no matter how hard I try to forget, I can't forget his hands. I was Usagi's tutor and all along I knew he loved another, despite that I still loved him. But of course he didn't feel the same, and I took advantage over him. By making him pretend as if I was the person he loved I new that it hurt him a lot, and the fact that he couldn't hold back his desire to hold him hurts him more. As he watch from a sideline knowing that the person he loves wont return his feelings. I too now that feeling all too well. Bamba came back from her shower and looked at Hiroki as he slept, she quietly walked over and bent down next to him and stared at his sleeping face. As he moved a little he opened his mouth and the name Akihito came out. Bamba slightly frowned and leaned in and gently placed her lips on his waking Hiroki up. He jolted up fast and rubbed his slips, "W-What are you doing!?" Bamba looked at him and opened her mouth. "Is Akihito the name of the childhood friend that you were talking about?" Hiroki looked at her surprised. "You said that name in your sleep." She replied to him. Hiroki looked down, "N-None of your business." 
"I guess you won't know unless I tell you." Said Bamba, "Hiro-san I-" Before she could finish the door bell rang. Hiroki got up fast and went to the door and opened it, and there stood Usagi. "Oh so your still alive." Smiled Usagi. "The hell." Hiroki looked at him and crossed his arms. "I never heard a word from you and I couldn't reach you at school, I assumed you were dying in some alleyway." Usagi said to him. Hiroki leaned against the door. "Excuse me for being alive. I have a thesis to write I have no to play around with the great lord novelist" He says. 'of course I'd avoid you I haven't sort out my feelings.' He thought to himself. Usagi slightly walked up and ran his hand through his hair, "Don't make a joke, I was really worried, are you eating properly? Your face is so pale." Hiroki eyes slightly widen, 'Your so kind, so kind I can't bare it. don't touch me!' He thought. Usagi looked at him, "Hiroki?". Hiroki frowned more, 'Don't call me by that voice, don't be kind when you have no feelings for me.' He thought to himself, then out of no where Bamba grabs Hiroki and looked at Usagi, "I'll be taking Hiro-san." She said and closed the door.

Hiroki got angry and threw a book at the wall, "What was that!? He probably got the wrong Idea!" He yelled. Bamba looked at him and opened her mouth, "I love you. Can't I replace Akihito?" Hiroki bawled up his fist, "Get out! Get out and don't ever come back!" He yelled and closed the door once Bamba was out. She silently stared at his door and then walked away. As Hiroki heard her foot steps depart he waited awhile and then opened the door peeking out, "She really left...well see if I care." He said and closed the door. The next day Hiroki was sitting inside a cafe across the street from the flower shop where Bamba worked. He watched her and notice some guys were flirting with her and she giggled. "She loves me but flirts with other guys." He huffed out. Bamba slightly looked up and looked across the street in the cafe window spotting Hiroki but soon a car drove pass and he was gone. When her shift was over she went to Hiroki's house and rung the door bell, when he came to see who it was he opened the door and noticed Bamba and tried to close it back but she managed to get through. "What are you doing here?" He asked. "I came to see you." She said, "And plus you came to the flower shop, didn't you." She said. Hiroki looked at her and stayed silent. She smiled and hugged him close, "I'm sorry, I didn't want to lose to Usagi so in the spur of the moment I asked to replace him without thinking...But allow me to say it again, I love you." She said. Hiroki blushed and looked at her, She sightly smiled and leaned in and kissed him on the lips and Hiroki gave in kissing her back.

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