Junjou Romantica

I was just getting home from school, I knew my brother was gong to be mad about this "D" but what else was i supposed to do? When I got home I opened the door. "I'm ho-."


6. Miyagi x Shin

Warning, Warning! There love is BL! Not like the other two couples, ALSO, it has some Lemon in it, in case you don't know what

that means, it has a tad bit of NASTY in it (SEX) No really but almost touchy feely, it's basically what kinda happened in the original

anime. Anyways ENJOY!

Chapter 6....

Miyagi sighed as he walked through the parking lot and went inside the building. He got on the elevator and headed up to his room and as he looked up he saw his ex wife standing in front of the door. "Oh, hey, I'm glad I ran into you." She said and smiled at him. "I think I left my travel backpack here." She said to him. "Alright, I see." He said and walked pass taking out his key and unlocked the door walking inside and turning on the lights. Ritsako slightly laughed, "I can't believe it. It looks the same as when I left." She said glancing around. Miyagi said nothing and sat his things down on the couch as he sat down beside it and took the box of cigarettes and lighter out his coat pocket. He grabbed one of the cigarettes and placed one inside his mouth and lit his cigarette placing the lighter on the table and grabbed the news paper that was still on the table from yesterday. "you...this might seem kinda belated now, but I really did love you." She said as she was searching for her bag. Miyagi continued to glance at the news paper, "Remind me who got herself another man and walked out on me again?

Ritsako slightly glanced back at him, "I'm sure you know this already, being the intelligent professor that you are, but..." She stood up on. "I would have preferred if you told me you didn't love me anymore." She looked at him, "The hardest thing for me...was the fact that you didn't even care enough to dislike me." She said as she turned away and walked to the door and left out. Miyagi sat down his news paper and stood up walked over to a dresser and opened it taking about an old book and opened it up to the page where he stuck his photo of him and his teacher in it.

*Flash Back

"Miyagi, thank you for loving me..." (End)

It's not that I don't care. I just don't try to care, I mean that's the way it is. There's no such things as eternal love, love that lasts forever. Eventually, you'll have to say goodbye. Once you let go, you look for something similar, put the lid on the past and move on? Well i'm not positive enough for that, but I wont let myself be stuck in the past either. So instead, I simply don't think anything at all. Miyagi thought to himself. "I'm home." Miyagi slightly jumped, "Oh my! Shin-chin, you're back awfully early, today!" He said and bent down placing the book in his bag, "Do excuse me for making a mess, I'll be out of your way immediately," Shin watched him, "Stay here. It's your own damn house." "Oh. no, no, no." Shin looked at him and lifted a menu, "I've been practicing my cooking. It's gonna be good today," Shin stood up and walked pass him, "Well, i'm glad your eager to learn! But i'm not hungry." Shin turned to looked at him, "Miyagi! Don't run away! Or is it you don't have any balls?" Miyagi opened his room door and stepped inside, "What the hell does balls have to do with any of this? Please stop trying to make a gay men out of me!" Shin glared and grabbed his arm, "Just wait a minute!" He yelled and the bag Miyagi was holding tilted over spelling out all his books. "Oh, i'm sorry." He said and the both bent down to pick up the books. Shin saw the book with his picture sticking out and reached for the picture taking it out and looking at it.

Miyagi looked at him and quickly snatched the picture from his hands. "Who's that?" Shin asked. "Dunno." "Don't lie! That was you in that picture!" Miyagi finished gathering the books and stood up,"Could be." He said to him. "Who was that next to you?""Dunno." Miyagi said and walked away. "You're lying! Who was it?!" Miyagi slightly sighed, "Geez shut up, it's just my homeroom teacher from high school." shin followed him, "Then why are you carrying it around like it's important?" Miyagi turned around and slammed his hand on the wall. "Takasuki-kun! Don't stick your nose into other people lives. It's none of your damn business." "I-It is too." He said looking at him, "Of course I'm gonna wonder who's showing up in the pictures next to the man I love." Miyagi looked at him and slightly frowned and glared and closed his eyes letting out a sigh, "Just because you've got some silly notion lodged in your head doesn't mean you can push other people around." He said. He pisses me off. Miyagi thought to himself. "Don't drop words like "love" and "Destiny" around so easily! This is why I hate kids!" Shin looked at him, "When did I ever say them easily!?"

Why does he keep barging into my privacy like this? Miyagi thought. "I..I'd still love you even if you died!" Miyagi slightly startled from the out burst and looked at him, "Why are you so hung up on me?" "Because..." Miyagi looked at him, "All I did was save you from a couple of thugs. That's not destiny." Shin frowned and looked at him, "But..in the library!", Miyagi slightly raised a brow. Shin looked down for a second and looked back up about to say something but stopped. He looked down and clenched his fist tightly, "Then...sleep with me." Miyagi looked confused, "Huh?" Shin looked at him, "Maybe it'd help me understand, figure something out. And maybe I'll get disgusted with you and give up the whole thing!" Miyagi placed his hand against his own face sighing, "Of all stupid things you could have said..." He then turned to walk away. Shin quickly grabbed his shirt sleeve, "Please, just this once, that's all! That'll be it, the end! I'll give up then!" Miyagi looked at him and glared, "Alright. Then put me in the mood." Shin glanced up a bit surprised. "You've put the notch on your belt...this is all old hat for you, isn't it?" Miyagi asked him. "Co-Course it is...I do this all the time." Shin slowly started to raise up his sweater and tossed it on the floor, his fingers began to tremble as his began to unbutton his own shirt. Miyagi watched him, "Notch my ass! Your hands are shaking." He thought to himself. Shin continued to unbutton his shirt. "Why are you going this far?" Miyagi asked him, He's probably, the type of person I hate the most. "Because I love you." Shin said to him, Miyagi grabbed his arm and opened the door to his room and tossed him on the bed as he loosened his tie, He sure runs his mouth with the best of them, but in reality, he can't do a damn thing. No regrets for other people's feelings, he just barges in without permission wherever he damn pleases. It's almost as if i'm looking at my old self... it pisses me off. Miyagi thought as his tie fell to the floor. Shin watched as he cheeks heated up, Miyagi then got on the bed and pushed his down against it taking his rest in his hand. "Wha-what?!"Shin asked looking at him. He shakes up, throws everything off balance. "W-Wait a second, wait.." Shin looked at him. Miaygi looked at him not listening to what he had to say. That's why I shouldn't get near him. Miyagi thought and leaned down kissing him on his lips. I know this yet..., Miyagi slowly trailed his fingers down his abdomen and slip his hand into his pants rubbing him slightly. Shin bucked up into his touch, "Mi-Miyagi! He slightly moaned as tears formed into his eyes. Miyagi sat up and looked at him removing his hand, "See, I told you, you couldn't handle it. 'Do this all the time', huh?" shin curled up and turned to the side shutting his eyes, "shut up, just get on with it."Shin said, "That's enough, This stupid game is over." Miyagi said and grabbed the cover's tossing it fully on him. "Miyagi!" Shinsaid and took the covers off as he sat up and clenched onto his shirt and he placed his head on his chest, he then let go, "Don't...embarrass me." Shin said to him "This isn't about shame. Think about what you're trying to do here." Miyagi said to him. "I know damn well what it is..." He said and slightly rubbed his lips and got out the bed and walked to the door.

Miyagi reached on his dresser for the box of cigarettes his had in his room and grabbed one and placed it inside his mouth and lit it up. Good, this is good. Saved myself alot of trouble, Miyagi thought to himself. "I'm sorry." Shin said and walked out, Miyagi slightly turned around and looked at him and closed his eyes forming a small smile, Yes, this is how it should be, I just taught a kid a lesson about where he stands, that's all. He said and took the cigarette out his mouth and put it out. But, What am I getting all upset about?!, He thought.

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