Junjou Romantica

I was just getting home from school, I knew my brother was gong to be mad about this "D" but what else was i supposed to do? When I got home I opened the door. "I'm ho-."


2. A new beginning for us

  Chapter 2...            "The fact that your writing those stories about him." He sat the cigarette on the ash tray and leaned back, "He does not." He said. "Than why are you writing them and he doesn't even know about them!?" e closed his eyes for a second and reopened them, "They are just my imagination, of what I want to happen, they are completely harmless." He said. "Imagination of what you want to happen?"
        I completely felt my stomach turn and than smiled leaning back on the couch. "Oh~? I see." He raised a brow. "About what?" I crossed one leg over the other and smirked, "You are seriously in need of his loving and for his body." Usagi shrugged like it was nothing, "I do." He said, I can smell the scent from the cigarette fill the air. "You do know he has a girlfriend, right?" He nodded and fixed his bear tie. "Than why do you still like him or why don't you just steal him away from her?" His eyes rested on the bear, "Because...i don't want to do anything that will hurt him, if you really loved someone you wouldn't do anything that would trouble them." I looked at him, my eyes unable to part from his face. "So..." He said changing the subject, "What college are you thinking about going to?" I thought for awhile "Murabushi, I wanted to go there for my brother, you must know, that wen I was eight my  parents died in a car accident...and Takashi had to take care of me so he couldn't go there...he had to get a job and missed out on his opportunity just to take care of me...so, I want to succeed and go there for him." 

        I balled up my hands and stared at the floor. He smiled and stood up and rubbed my head "Than I'll get you in!" I smiled brightly, "Really!?" He nodded and looked at me and with that we began to start the tutoring.
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