Backstory… There was a girl who died from love, anyone who hears the rumor will be haunted from life until DEATH. There was a rumor that from this very day she still continues on…


3. The prisoners curse

There was a prisoner who was sentenced to DEATH but could make his wish come true. his wish wasn’t to be free, his wish was to eat his favorite meal and watch best movie out there. after he watched that movie he said out loud "May sudden DEATH come to anyone who DARE sit in my chair." after he died,  two Royal air force pilots sat in it, and while driving back, they crashed into a tree and died. A few years later, two brick layers DECIDED to try it, and that afternoon, the one who sat in it fell to his DEATH.. every person who sat in it, no matter what. Some instances include a roofer who sat in it died after the roof he was working on COLLAPSED, and a cleaning woman stumbled into it while mopping, and was later killed by a BRAIN tumor, so the owner moved the CHAIR to the basement. one year later the owner bought tables, the delivery guy sat on the chair to rest, after he got up, he drove back home, but during the time he crashed into a tree and died. 34 people sat on the chair and was all pronounced DEAD.

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