Last First Kiss [A NIam Fanfic]

Liam and Niall love each other, alot. But they don't know that the other person likes them. So, when Niall has a bad dream, Liam and Niall start their brand new future together! But, is it as peaceful and lovely as they thought it would be?


2. Niall's P.O.V [Telling the lads]


I woke up still snuggled up to Liam's chest. Last night, my dream came true. Not the bad one, but the one I played in 

my mind every time Liam and I were in the same room together. Liam was still asleep. He looked so peaceful when he slept. I could stare at him all day. But, I wanted to see him awake. We had to tell the boys about us.

I sat up to stretch. I bent down and gave him a long kiss. He kissed back and smiled through it. 

"Good morning babe" He said, running his hand down my back. Liam asked, smirking. I blushed. Liam gave me one last peck on the lips and we got up and got 

dressed. As I was putting my shirt on, Liam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I looked at him and smiled. He kissed me, and I kissed back.

"Good morning lad---OMG WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!" Louis screamed, walking in the room. Me and Liam 

stopped kissing, and looked at Louis.

"Uhhhh" We said. Then Harry came in.

"Me and Niall are a thing now!" Liam said grabbing my hand. Harry and Louis looked at each other then back at us.

"CONGRATS GUYS!!!" They said, running up to us hugging us. They pulled away and we explained how it all started.

Everything is perfect. I love Liam so much.......I hope it stays that way...........

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