Those Beautiful Blue Eyes

"Those beautiful blue eyes," he whispered at me slowly.


1. ON


"Kiss me Lily, till the dust slithers away, till the grasses are yellow, till the flowers all weep. Kiss me Lily, kiss me," he whispered gently, holding me against the wall. I stared at him softly, looking at his eyes, his pupils, and then down to his lips, perching prettily just below his nose, his cupids bow shining with sweat and lips lined with droplets, I questioned whether I should kiss him or not. Was he serious? 

I leant forwards slowly, my eyes shutting automatically, "that's it," he whispered as he also leant in, our lips met in the orange street lights, he grabbed my waist and pulled me in closer, his lips still pressing, his eyes still closed. We must have been there for a while because Emily and Cara both came hunting for me, stumbling with heels in hand, "Li- Lily is that you?" stuttered Cara, hanging on to Emily's shoulder, 

"Y- Yeah, it-" he kissed me again, catching me off guard and making me unable to complete my sentence, "it's me," I giggled, my cheeks flushing, as we pulled apart, "what are you doing?" I asked Cara, running from the alley and picking her up off Emily's shoulder. "Come on you drunkards," I laughed, "let's get you home."


I hadn't heard from him since, we had each others Facebook pages but what if he forgot to add me? Or what if he lost my name and forgot it? Or what if he lost his phone? I was so worked up about this it had me pacing about the house for a good ten minutes before Cara burst through my front door holding a bag of chips. "Ah good, you're up," she said, sliding onto a stool at the breakfast bar, "excuse me? Could you warn me before you turn up at my house next time please?" I responded through small giggles, "sorry, Em's on her way," commented Cara with a wink. "Brill," I grinned sarcastically, sliding myself onto the chair beside her.

"So, who was the guy last night who obviously had you in a state of seduction?" Emily winked. I thought she would have forgot, or not remembered him, as she was that out of it last night, "He's my...friend," what a rubbish excuse but I had nothing else and I'm not particularly good at thinking on my toes. "Friend huh? Wish I had more friends like that!" Cara snorted through bites of a chip sandwich, "What about Liam?" I questioned, dodging the bullet of my mystery fellow, "huh, it's Liam. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like him but..."

"he's not satisfying your needs as a woman any more," Em butted in,

"Pretty much," sighed Cara. I had to feel for her, I'd been in that situation and it wasn't very good, it was with my ex boyfriend Tom, he was okay and all but he wasn't the one, and I think I knew that from the start. "What about you Em, are you on the dating front at all?" 

"As if, try finding a hot guy anywhere in this town, and when you do, call me." We laughed at her slightly-truthful joke.

"You never know who's going to waltz through at any moment," I was slightly hinting at the fact that they had both just barged through my front door but I was also being slightly truthful, "I mean, look at Luke, he's hot,"

"and gay," Em tutted, shaking her head at me.

"Still hot," I shrugged.


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