Eye for Gold

Follow the adventures of Jak Kidt and the crew of The Lord of Terror. Set in the early 1700's Jak and his crew set out to strike it rich and become the richest pirate in the Seven Seas.


1. The Beggining

"Storm up ahead!"

"How bad is it?"

"I don't know sir, I can't really see!"

Jak listened as the sailors above deck discussed the situation. From what he was hearing it sounded bad. It wasn't like he could do anything with him being chained up and all. He was on his way to his public execution. That was the price for being a pirate. Most of the crew were dead including the captain. He sat on the hay in his cell as the ship rocked back and forth. He then heard the crack of thunder outside. The ship started to shake violently. He then heard the jingling of keys as he saw the some keys go flying in to his cell right by his feet. He heard the sound of boots coming down the stairs, so he decided to act like he was sleeping. The guards came down the steps to see a young boy in his late teens with dirty blonde hair wearing a bandanna ( like James Kidds' bandanna from assassins creed 4), a White long sleeve shirt with a black jacket over it, black pants and black shoes. "Looks like he's asleep" he heard one guard say.

"If we're quiet enough we can get the keys without waking him." the other one said.

The first guard to speak, quietly took out another pair of keys, and unlocked the gate. They then slowly made there way in, sneaking over to where Jak lay. Just as they were about to grab the keys Jak sprang on the one in front, grabbing his sword and running him through. He then grabbed his pistol, aimed and shot the other soldier.

Jak quickly ran out of the cell and down the hallway towards the room they were keeping his gear. He rounded the corner to the metal door and quickly unlocked it. As he was about to grab his things he heard steps coming down the steps.

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