Funny Jokes

These are not my jokes
Credit to whoever made them there not that good but trust me they get better as you read!


2. Blonde Joke

There was 3 girls 

A blonde

A red head

And a Burnett 

They all died but in order to get to heaven they had to pass the angels that says jokes. If they laugh they go to hell

Well first angel comes, he says a joke; the Burnett laughed she went to hell

Angel: Bye Bye.

To like the 30th angel no one else laughed, until the angel said his joke; the red head laughed she went to hell.

Angel 30: Bye Bye.

It was the last Angel and surprising the blonde had stayed in. But before he could say his joke the blonde started laughing. He was like.

Angel 100: Why are you laughing? I never even said the joke?

The blonde looked at the Angel and said.

Blonde: I know but I just got the first Angel's joke

Angel 100:................what 


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