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his voice was like a symphony and I could never stop listening. [ all rights reserved. articcstyles/christinaaa ©]


4. 004.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

― Anne Frank


Waking up, I was tangled in three different blankets and my fan going round and round. Tonight was the big night in Hollywood. It was the Grammy's and I remembered that I had to present an award and look desirable so Amir wouldn't have to fret about me being on the worst dressed list.

I turned on my record player and it instantly began to play "Yesterday" by the Beatles as I brushed my teeth and threw my hair up into a ponytail. I examined my face for any pimples hoping I would be alright looking. I sang along to the song as I began to brew my coffee in the kitchen and dance a lil to the music. The next song to come on was "Blackbird" and I suddenly was overcome with sad emotions knowing this song was the one I played for Niall on my record player and we both fell in love with the song instantly. I went from liking the song to loving it once I saw him smile and sing along to it. Tonight was going to be tough. He was definitely going to be there and we were planning on meeting up after and everything. Plans get ruined, I suppose.


Daisy and the rest of my makeup and hair team were scrambling around my house. They kept asking me for my approval on my look and I nodded since I really did like what they did. I had on my typical eye makeup consisting of the false lashes, winged liner, and subtle pink eyeshadow. My lipstick was a nude pink and it fit so pretty with my look.My hair was just curled in beach waves while I topped the look off with a sparkling gold dress. I slid on my pumps as Daisy kept spraying hair spray as I was forced out the door by her.

I met my car downstairs and hopped in it with Amir beaming in the back seat with his wife, Dawn.

" If you are interviewed about Niall, say everything is great. Just say that you had a prior engagement and it was hard for you to arrive with him. And if they ask why your seats aren't together, just laugh and smile." said Amir as he tapped my shoulder.

" I know what to say, Amir. Sooner or later, I am going to have to admit that Niall and I are over. He 

might start thinking I'm creepy for acting like we are still together."

" Don't worry. His manager knows what's happening. I wouldn't let you go in there looking like a total stalker." he said trying to reassure me as I shook my head. " and Niall broke up? I'm late!" Dawn said with a giggle and her face turned a bright red. I turned around and smiled at her. Didn't really want to continue on the subject of Niall.

I began to take some snapchats in the car so my fans would know I was going to the Grammy's. It always made them so happy knowing I was going to an awards show. It was really cute how kind they were to me.

When we arrived at the red carpet, my bodyguard went to open the car door and let out Amir and Dawn on the other side so they could sneak out and find their seats inside. Then he came to my side and let me out as I fixed my dress and hair as I smiled at some cheers.

My bodyguard walked me to the carpet as I smiled at a few of the cheers and began to smile and pose for the cameras as they all chanted "Basil" to me as I tried to get a look at every single camera that was coming my way. I almost at the end of the red carpet when I heard the loudest cheers of all. I looked down the carpet to see Niall and the rest of his boyband mates. All the girls adore them. Some people's voices in the crowd were quite loud because I could hear a few asking Niall where I was as I held myself together.

I did a few interviews and people asked where Niall was as I pointed down the carpet and tried to change the subject as quick as possible. It was just so damn hard for me to do. Finally, E! News caught up with me as I greeted the interviewer and I knew it was live, so it was going to be either rocky as hell or great.

" Basil. We are so sorry to hear about you and Niall's breakup. I shipped it so much. How are you doing? " she asked.

My heart dropped. I was in that position again. The position where people were going to pity me and some are going to say they are so relieved it's finally over. The One Direction fangirls are going to go wild and think it's the best day of their life because I lost the love of my life. It's a bit twisted if you think about it.

"I'm doing great. Thank you." replying with a big smile I walked away as my bodyguard knew it my cue to go since he could tell I was uncomfortable.

"Thanks for saving me back there, JJ. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. " I said to my bodyguard as he patted my back. " I always got you little B." he said with a chuckle as he escorted me to my seat.

The show was about to start and I was sitting next to another pop artist like me, Ella Tanner. She was stunning. I looked like a blob of play dough compared to her long and beautiful blonde hair. We talked a little bit since I had met her before. She was such a sweetheart, it was refreshing. I hoped one day that the award shows would let me sit next to my best friend, Ariel Vental. She was my best friend in Hollywood and my best friend in real life. Ever since I had been discovered in my big musical movie, she had been my side and was a fan of me. And of course, I was a fan of her when she was on a children show and when she turned into the giant pop star she is today.


He was holding his mic. A smile was across his face as the cheers began to start as One Direction was announced. I sat back in my seat and held my hands tightly trying to squeeze out all the pain I could feel.

Their performance was great, of course. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder because watching him on that stage made me love him even more. He looked so dreamy. He looked like an actual dream up on the stage and it hurt. It hurt to see him looking like a dream because I knew that he would be laughing and smiling with someone else other than me. It hurt because he wouldn't be my ride home and I would not get to wake up to him humming Blackbird. It hurt like hell. I was so tangled in my thoughts that I lost track of time and forgot to even clap for their performance. The last glance I had of him was him blowing a kiss and I just wished that kiss was only for me, like it used to be.


I presented my award and everything went great. I was not nominated for any awards that night so I couldn't say I had any disappointment.

The Grammy's after party was going to be wild, as always. One of the older male pop stars was hosting it and I was honored to be invited. His name was Aaron Thurll and he was about thirty years old and was still going strong. His peak was when he was about twenty, but he just released a new album and it's going far again. All his fangirls assembled together again.

I took many pictures with my fellow musicians and greeted so many of them. I did not want to miss the after party since I figured it would cheer me up and I could get a little tipsy.

Ariel met up with me at my car as she got in with me.

" Let's hope 1D isn't at this party. I'm sure they won't be. They tend to not go to the after party's. " Ariel said as she took out her phone and began snapping selfies of us. " Ariel, I think they might be. It's the Grammy's. Going to an after party is basically a necessity." I replied. " Well. Maybe you can talk it out." She reassured to me as I watched her send out a love tweet to her fans.

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