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his voice was like a symphony and I could never stop listening. [ all rights reserved. articcstyles/christinaaa ©]


1. 001.

"The heart was made to be broken."

― Oscar Wilde



I could feel my heart opening even more for him as his heart began to lock me out for good as he stood right in front of me. It was as if his words were floating in a cloud above my head and they were about ready to drench me. His face showed remorse while his eyes showed relief. Everything in time froze as my mind took over as the memories between us raced through my mind and I could feel my heart pounding. It was the most treacherous feeling I had ever encountered. It was almost like my heart had turned to glass and cracked into a million of pieces leaving my stomach feeling upside down. How could my heart be falling more for him at the moment where he was taking his heart back from me?

" You know that you have a beautiful heart, right? I've been so lucky to have you hold my heart. It's know, time is a hard thing. It's all about timing. We must have got on the wrong train..guess the train was a little early. Time will only tell. It's not you, it's just my schedule and everything. You know exactly how it goes. I won't forget you, Basil."

I just thought it was a little unfair how he expected me to just drop him like that. One moment we were going to all the indie concerts downtown and another minute we were breaking up outside of our favorite restaurant. No words came to mind, I had no way to explain how I was feeling. I had always believed in communication so I knew I couldn't just leave him hanging like that.

"I understand. You're right. I won't forget you either." I replied with the most forced smile that had ever been on my face.

He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the forehead as he held my hand for a moment and stared right into my eyes to make the most sentimental moment he could. His body turned away from me as his hands went deep into his light skinny jeans as he began to walk the opposite direction to meet up with his driver in the typical big black van you see paparazzi's chasing.

My stomach was in complete knots as I went back into the restaurant fearful that a paparazzi would come attack me with a camera. Our booth was already taken by a new couple, so I sat on one of the couches in the front as I dialed a taxi to come get me. I was never a taxi rider ever. It was so strange to see a celebrity or whatever the hell you would refer to me as riding in a taxi. I didn't really care if it was strange or not, I just wanted to get home so I could indulge myself in my blankets and pillow.

I heard a small honk outside as I got up from the couch and walked out the door placing my sunglasses over my eyes incase any paparazzi's had magically found out where I was. Swinging the taxi door open, I ran a hand through my brown locks as I got in the taxi rather quickly. Removing my sunglasses, the taxi driver let out a small chuckle as I assumed he realized who I was.

" Ms. Greene. To what do I owe this pleasure to drive you around on this beautiful Thursday night?" he replied with a big grin as I returned the smile. " Thank you so much for picking me up. My ride was messed up and I preferred taking a taxi."

The driver let out a laugh as I informed him where to drop me off at. I did not tell him to drop me off at my house since I was too paranoid about stalkers and all that scariness. I suggested he drop me off at my local grocery store since I did need to get some bread since I ran out due to my obsession with peanut butter sandwiches. I could walk home from there and I figured no one would recognize me because not many people would be storming the aisles of a grocery store at 1 AM.

The taxi driver and I had a conversation about the unfair treatment that taxi drivers get and why paparazzi's are absolutely bonkers these days and it made the sinking feeling in my stomach disappear for a moment. I just could not stop thinking about how the one person I looked up to the most had just left me completely blindsided. To be blindsided was one thing I never wanted and unfortunately we do not always get what we want.

When the taxi driver dropped me off at the grocery store, I gave him the proper amount and waved to him as he drove away. The sunglasses were already covering my eyes as I approached the quiet store. The grocery store was asleep. The employees even looked like they were asleep, so I decided to hurry up and get my bread and get the hell out of there. Watching horror movies is such a disadvantage when you are in an empty grocery store and everyone is basically asleep. After I bought my bread, I walked out into the dark and made my way towards my home. Walking or running to the grocery store from my house was often my exercise for some days. It's about a two mile walk and it definitely is a calorie burner if you eat as much french fries as I do.


When I made it home I threw my purse on the counter and checked my phone to see a few texts from friends and a text from my manager. My manager, Amir, had reminded me of my radio show appearance tomorrow with Ryan Seacrest. A loud groan escaped from my mouth realizing the questions I was going to be asked and that my team was going to be over to help me pick the perfect outfit to be seen in public wearing.

My mind kept wandering about my now ex-boyfriend, Niall. Everything was so right and now it was over. I realized that I had been trying to keep him so close to me but I knew deep down he was lightly being teared away from me and I never knew why. My mind couldn't help but think it was because of another girl. I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling as I felt a tear creep down my face as I shut my eyes and could feel the sinking feeling coming back. I got lost in my thoughts before I could even fall asleep.

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