Back Again

Jasmine Styles is the girl that never talked after her parents died. She had a crush on the school's bad boy, Luke Hemmings. But the problem is her bully. After a few months, Jasmine started to hate Luke. Will Luke stop bullying her? Will she ever love him again? Read to find out.


4. Jazzy's POV

Jazzy's POV

    I couldn't sleep that night. How could Luke like me and bully me? It makes no sense. That night, I cried myself to sleep. The next morning, I did my morning routine, but this time I cut more than I usually do. I went downstairs and was about to leave when, Mrs. Tyler called me. I nodded my head in her direction. "Darling, you have been ignoring everyone." I just looked down at my feet. Mrs. Tyler sighed. "Ok goodbye, have a good day at school." I just waved and went to school. The school day was normal until, I went to the music room. I saw Luke and just ignored him, got a guitar and started playing "Little Things" by One Direction. Luke started singing along to the chorus, so I got up, put the guitar away and left. Since then, Luke always bullied and never came back to the music room (during lunch). 

   When school ended (school year ended) Harry came and took me to America. 2 years past and I turned 18 and got a motorcycle. I made new friends and didn't get bullied. I got 3 new best friends and was happy, b/c I was friends with the whole school except for the slutty popular girls. My life was going great until Luke came back and turned my world into something I never expected. My best friends are Lauren(the leader), Allison(Ally), and Amber. I was the youngest out of all of them.



A/N sorry for the short chapter

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