Back Again

Jasmine Styles is the girl that never talked after her parents died. She had a crush on the school's bad boy, Luke Hemmings. But the problem is her bully. After a few months, Jasmine started to hate Luke. Will Luke stop bullying her? Will she ever love him again? Read to find out.


1. Intro

     Hi, my name is Jasmine Styles.Yes, I'm related to the one and only Harry Styles. Now I know what your thinking, "it must be amazing." But the truth is, it's not. Some people think I'm lying and others think that they could use me and get to him. Anyways, Harry calls me Jazzy and I have no friends so I just go with it. My parents died in a car crash, so sucks for me. Don't get me wrong I love my parents, but when they were alive, they were drug addicts and alcoholics. I'm not old enough to live alone, so I live in an orphanage. (I'm 16). I'm not mute but I don't talk to anyone but my therapist. I play guitar and piano, and I love to sing. In school, I get bullied by the bad boy and my first crush a.k.a Luke Hemmings.

    Luke Hemmings is the bad boy of the school and is a player. He is 16 years old. He loves to sing and play guitar. He has a crush on Jazzy and only bullies Jazzy. He known Jazzy since 6th grade.

    Harry Styles:

older brother of Jazzy

is 18 years old

girlfriend- Lilly

In One Direction


A/N hope you like it so far b/c this my first movella :)

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