The Lost Queen

Tessa is the princess and only heir to her kingdom's throne-as far as she knows. When her father dies, and it is time for her to take up the crown of the kingdom-which can only be worn by the direct descendant of the royal bloodline-something goes wrong. The crown regects Tessa, and no one in the kingdom know's why. It's up to Tessa to learn who is the rightful ruler, before the time runs out-and the crown that keeps the land protected goes missing forever.


1. Prologe

"How DARE you?" he thundered, stalking up and down the marbled tiles. His purple robes flew behind him, his crown heavy on his head. He was higher up then she was, and he wanted to spit at her feet.

"I've told you I am sorry, but I am not sorry from where my heart has taken me. You must understand the my-" the lady started, her dress held up from her feet, as she tried to come near him.

"No! I won't have it, I won't have it!"

"You aren't having it," the lady said calmly, her hand resting on her stomach. "I am. And her father-"

"Is me," He declared, stomping his foot down. The lady's face turned pale white, before she spoke again.

"How will you make that possible?"

"It does not matter for you to know, as long as you know this: if that child is a girl, it is mine. If it isn't, you will have another child and another, until it is a girl. And that girl," he took a breath, as if the words pained him. Good, the lady thought. He deserved the pain. "Will be mine."

"And you think the people will just accept your lies? Not everything you say is true!" the lady yelled, horrified.

""The truth is what I make it. I could set fire to this world and call it rain."" the man quoted, smiling a wicked and awful smile.

The lady fled the room, as if the words the man had laid on her was to much to bare. She raced down the stairs, out into the cool air of the night, into the gardens. She let herself fall onto the stone bench that sat by the rose bushes, and wept, and wept, and wept. For herself, for her future, and for her child's fate.

 No one, after that night, ever saw the weeping lady again.

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