The Marauders: Inside Hogwarts

"What's life without a little risk?"


8. Chapter 4 Part 2

The Marauders and Ash stepped back from their work. The Great Hall had been transformed into a club in a few hours. It now had streamers hanging from the ceiling and a laser light dance floor, the edge of the floor was lined with food and the staff table held a wide array of muggle and wizard alcohol. They each took a shot of vodka and the party began. AJ welcomed the guests on the door, a strong silencing spell held the music inside the hall and another strong disguise spell made it look like the hall was empty. The party started to enter full swing. Nearly everyone is drunk and dancing to the music, the food tables were forgotten and many drunk kisses were being exchanged. Especially Anna and Sirius in the corner. Brian Harvey, still pretty sober opened one of the cupboard doors to find Snape and Lucy snogging furiously. Luckily for him they didn't notice! Remus was smashed and Ash was writing "I passed out first" on Frank Longbottom's forehead. The Marauders themselves were scattered around the hall and it had quickly turned to 4am and the party was still banging. Anna, Sirius and James were taking bucket shots for bets. Snape was also now strung up in boxers, now apart of he decorations. Eventually at 5am a large buzzer sounded and the music stopped as the drunk students attempted to get back to their dormitories. Sirius and Anna ended up in a closet and Prongs in the corridor. Snape was completely forgotten. Ash and Remus were among the only in the school to actually make it back to their tower.

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