The Marauders: Inside Hogwarts

"What's life without a little risk?"


5. Chapter 3

Contains bad language! You have been warned! 

The Marauders were sitting in the courtyard, lounging about and chatting. James was sitting on the fountain wall playing with a snitch, Remus was lent against the fountain next to him reading a book, Peter was lying on the floor and Sirius was slumped next to Remus with Anna's head in his lap. "Hey, James? Can I speak to you?" Asked Ash walking up to the group. She could feel Remus' eyes on her. "Yeah sure. Where'd you wanna talk?" Smiled James, slipping the snitch in his pocket in acknowledgement of her presence. "Somewhere quiet? You know the school the best," answered Ash. James nodded, jumping to his feet, "follow me!" Ash followed him through the stone passageways, stopping at a wall. Before she had time to question the Marauder, however, a door opened out of the stone and they stepped inside a spacious room, similar to a scaled-down version of Gryffindor Common Room. James tilted his head for the blond Gryffindor to speak. "Remus doesn't let anyone in. I wanna know how to break down his walls. A lifetime supply of chocolate probably wouldn't do it." 
"Ash," began James patiently, "the only way to Moony is to show him you actually care. Little things like looking out for him, smiling at him, chocolate every month. That kinda thing. Moony's simple, he notices and appreciates the little things." Ashildr sighed, "I've already tried that. Anna and Sirius don't help." She waved her hands around in a dramatic gesture. James shook his head. "Anna and Sirius live teasing. So do we all. It's just a bit of meaningless banter, it's our type of humour. I'll ask them to lay off of you want but if I were you I'd just tease them back. Just be there Ash. I've got nothing else for you, but I can try and find his feelings for you."
"It's Remus they're pissing off. I find it annoying, but they go and annoy him. I liked it when they weren't together, they didn't really meddle. But if you'd do that for me I'll try and help you with Lily." Ash smiled sincerely. "Look Ash, they're in love and she's my twins so I will never say a bad word against them. Remus has been taking both of their jaunts for years now, he gets its a joke. But I'll find out his feelings. Just maybe, try and find the funny bit from your friends point of view." Confessed James. "Being called Scaffholder was funny, but not pissing off Remus by forcing him to let them in wasn't." Ash argued hotly. James shook his head, moving over to the door. "I'm not apologising for their actions. They meant no harm. Before you came into the picture Remus took the insults fine and threw them back. Maybe he's trying to impress you but is not their fault he's acting differently." 
"And it's not working. He was a lot sweeter during the summer. Can you just speak to them please?" Begged Ash, moving away from the coffee table and towards the door. "Yeah, you have my word Ash." Said James with and air of finality, stepping through the door leaving Ash to follow. 


Remus approached the gang, "hey," he breathed out collapsing onto the ground. "Hey." Chorused AJ and Sirius. Remus' hands fiddled with the bandage on his wrist. "Hey, you okay?" Asked Ash. She had begun to spend more time with them recently, she had began to see that they weren't that bad. "You okay Moons? What happened? Who's arse do we have to kick?" Prongs joked. Moony cracked a tight smile. "The Moon's. It's the full moon tonight. Remember?" Remus sighed before continuing. "Snivellus keeps dropping hints whenever I walk past he and his friends. Luckily, they're too stupid to get it." 
"Relax Moony, if he tries anything we'll kick his ass." Sirius grinned and patted him on the back. "And besides," added James "if we do get expelled we can open a joke shop!" Finished AJ together. "Well he isn't allowed to say anything otherwise he'll be expelled." Pipes up Wormtail. "And if he says anything else, I'll waltz up to him and rip his intestines and wear them as a scarf and decorate the Great Hall with the remainder." Added Ash sounding scary. "Up top Ash!" Laughed Anna, "but don't let Flowerpot hear us!" The girls grinned and high fived. Sirius leaned in to Anna, "you wanna go somewhere quiet princess?" 
"Sure, we're off." She announced jumping up and grabbing Sirius' hand to lead him off. "That wasn't obvious enough." Snorted Ash, leading Remus away. James got up and walked off meanwhile Peter was still hooked up on what Padfoot and Red were doing.  

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