The Marauders: Inside Hogwarts

"What's life without a little risk?"


4. Chapter 2

Anna sauntered over to Remus in the common room and sat herself on the arm of his chair. "Any advances of PP2?" She asked him. "Nope. Though I think Snape is involved...and I'm pretty sure Sirius is going to graffiti a wall saying 'reserved for scaffholder'," he said. Anna laughed "Ash won't like that...but I can't wait to see Minnie's face after this!" Remus Lupin groaned and let his head fall into his hands "Ash will kill me. Honestly, I swear you bully me sometimes just cus you love Sirius." Anna turned to him, her face curving into a frown. "Who said I was in love with him?" She asked. Remus shook his head at how oblivious they were, it baffled him how they even got together in the first place! "Everyone Red! Ask anyone if you're in love with him and they'd all say yes." Anna scoffed, "sure they would." She stood up, brushed down her jeans and made her way through the portrait and out of the common room. Her hands slipped into her black muggle skinny jeans as she walked to the astronomy tower. 


The Great Hall was alive with laughter and chatter at breakfast. The Marauders had been joined by Ash and were discussing lessons. "Does anyone know if we had anything from Minnie?" Called Anna. "Yep! Done it!" Exclaimed Ash and Remus in unison. "Aww fuck you two." Scowled Anna, turning to Sirius. "Joining me in detention babe?" 
"Wouldn't miss it for the world babe," he smirked. "See?!" Cried Remus, "infatuated with each other!" 
"We'll see." Anna answered sceptically. Suddenly, there was a commotion down the table. "How many times, James Potter, do I have to tell you no!" Screamed a certain redhead. The other Marauders shared a look before quickly dispersing. Remus and Ash made their way to transfiguration, Anna and Sirius followed a long way behind.


"Alright class," called Minnie, pointing to the blackboard behind her that was filled with diagrams and text about NEWT's. "I am sooo bored," Sirius whispered to AJ. The Marauders had sat themselves on the back row. In front Remus hissed "shhh..." Not wanting to get caught. "Oh come on!" Whisper yelled Sirius, "don't pretend your interested in this I bet your just planning your next prank." 
"Not really, I want to get through this class without being yelled at." Moony whispered. Anna snickered "don't worry she won't..."
"Potter what are you talking about!" Interrupted Mcgonagall. "...notice." She finished, swinging back on her chair turning to look at her twin and Padfoot. "Nothing Minnie!" Chorused AJ. Minerva Mcgonagall turned a faint shade of pink. "Do not call me that! You should take a leaf out of Lupin's book!" She cried. AJ shared a smirk "oh yeah sure we should," they snickered, "'oh shit babe!' And 'oh yeah!'," they cried, falling to the floor laughing. "Fuck you all! I don't know what your talking about cus I think fucking China could hear you and Sirius last night!" Remus ranted to Anna, before flipping her off and storming out. Ash from two rows in front turned around, "that was a bit harsh wasn't it?" James laughed, "don't worry," he began "he's used to it," said Anna, "and besides," began James again, "he'll just think of a better insult later!" Finished Anna, "or he'll call a prank war." She added. Cheers rang out among the class, the trio stood and bowed dramatically. "I've got a good one this time too." Smirked Padfoot, walking out. "If it involves me I'm going to scream." Said Ash walking. Minnie's shouts followed them down the hall.

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