The Marauders: Inside Hogwarts

"What's life without a little risk?"


3. Chapter 1

The Great Hall was filled with students enjoying the feast after the sorting ceremony. "How was your summer? I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!" Asked Ash. "Yeah it was alright," smiles Anna blushing "what about you?" 
"Now you have to tell me. What happened? Who did you do?" Ash asks jokingly, ignoring her friends question. Anna smiles "well you know, me and Sirius hung out and err...stuff." A small smirk grew on the female Marauders face. "It was good." She added. 
"I was so right! How is Sirius?" Grins Ash, trying to contain her excitement. Anna laughed, "he's good I think. What's happening with you?" 
"Nothing really. I saw down good films and just chilled with Remus." Smiled the blonde girl. Anna nodded, turning her head to scan the hall and then turning back to Ash. "Remus huh?" A knowing smirk playing in her lips. "W-what? Nothing happened! I swear! What pranks have you pulled that I missed?" Ash tried to recover, but an offending blush covered her cheeks. "Okay," laughed Anna. "Not a lot. Me and J turned all of the portraits blue in Potter Manor. Drive Mum mad! Oh and Sirius came which was good fun." Anna smiled remembering the summer. She delicately ignored her best friends avoidance of Remus. She knew if she needed to find anything out she could probably work it out them. She turned back to Ash again "reckon any of these firsties are gonna be any good?" 
"Nah, they're all gonna be terrified and pushovers. Probably trail after Prongs." Ash replied easily. "Hey he's my twin! We're a package deal!" Retorted Anna. 
"Yeah well, the first year lads are terrified of you. The lasses will be chasing after Prongs." Ash snickered. She found it funny how all the lads run away from Anna in first year, then are drawn in. "Well in all honesty, I'd rather not have kids chasing me." Anna laughed. "I mean I know I'm hot and everything but still..."
"Always so full of yourself. But I guess it's annoying having people constantly chase you. I wouldn't know." Ash said eating a chip. Her face had turned into a frown. "Well you wouldn't because you never pay attention to a my if the boys looking at you...except Remus..." Anna trailed off in thought. Looking at her best friends body language told the brown haired, blue eyed player that something had gone down between Ash and Remus,however she had no idea what. "Where do you get those ideas from?" Ash ripped her from her thoughts. "Nothing happened over the holidays! I swear!" 
"You're pretty Ash, and you do get attention but you never seem to notice. And ok if your sure. Just tell me when something does, yeah?" Questioned Anna. 
"I get attention? Really?" Ash laughed. Anna rolled her eyes, "yeah you do! Just be careful what you do...not that I'm the best example but you get what I mean. Anyway, have you seen Lily recently? J was telling me he's gonna ask her out again soon!" Anna began to look down the table for her twin. "I swear Evans is just in denial, she fancies him I know it." Ash shook her head, somehow she couldn't quite see Anna's optimism. "I'll warm her." She stood up and located the familiar flaming red hair just down the table. "Hey! Flowerpot! Prongs is gonna ask the usual question." She sat down again. "Subtle?" Anna laughed. She looked up and down the table, no one seemed to notice. They were all too busy in a flourish of chatter and activity. "Yeah I suppose. You do realise it'll be me to pick up the pieces." She joked, "and Sirius." 
"I have a bone to pick with him." Ash nodded.
"Oh dear what's that?" Asked Anna fearing the worst. After all, this was Sirius so you could never be too sure. "Remember the end of last year when I told him I was helping the wall stay up because I was spying on someone? Well he sent a dozen letters asking how many walls I supported mad if I am considering a job as a 'wall supporter'. Then he learnt in Muggle Studies that muggles have scaffolding so now he calls me "scaffholder." Anna snorted with laughter. "That's quite good." She turned to face the end of the table that Padfoot was sitting at, "hey babe, nice nickname! Scaffholder!" Ash hit Anna sharply on the arm, however the Gryffindor player was too busy laughing to notice. "Oh come on we have to celebrate his achievements." She grinned boisterously. "No we don't! I'm gonna get him back for that I swear!" Ash protested, her arms flinging around in exaggeration. "Get who back?" Asked Remus suspiciously, sitting on the bench between the two women. He was, predictably, holding 'Hogwarts: A History' in his hand. "Get Sirius back for calling Ash a scaffholder. It's a shame because it was one of his better accomplishments." Anna fake sighed, her face contorted in unspilt laughter. Moony rolled his eyes and Ash hit Anna. Again.

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