Falling For Clifford


17. The Proposal

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Nahua's POV

I sat up. I'm still in the hospital. I have a headache. The doctor comes in and tells me to rate my pain on a scale on 1-10. Then he told me that I was in a coma and that when Michael sang to me, I woke up. I sit up and look at Michael smiling. I knew he was the one.

The doctor and nurse leaves after checking my vitals and all of that. Michael stands up smiling and gets down on one knee. He pulls out a small velvet box and opens it. "Nahua Hood, would you do me the honor of becoming my one and only and marrying me?" I start to cry and put out my hand. He puts on the ring and hugs me. "What's wrong baby?" He asks. "Nothing is wrong." "Then why are you crying?" I wipe under my eyes and answer "When I was 15, I always thought that I'll be forever alone. I'm happy because you told me otherwise. Thank you for making me not forever alone." I smile at that because it's so cheesy. Michael smiles and hugs me tighter. I then realize that I'm not out of breath from crying. And that I can breathe more clearly. I'm going to have a good life.

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