Falling For Clifford


16. The Procedure

A/N So I'm going to put this story on WattPad, my username is fire.pheonix12, and to get updates in between sites. Hope you enjoy. I need a girlfriend for Calum, hair color, eye color, if you are tall or not, pets, hobbies, anything that you feel is appropriate. ^•^ P.S This chapter is going to be in others' POV because she's in surgery.

Nahua's POV

I'm so nervous. I know that I'm going to get new lungs but what if something goes wrong.

Michael's POV

I hope everything goes as planned. I love her so much. When she gets out of surgery, I'm going to ask her to marry me. I want to live with her for the rest of my life. She goes in and they start. Luke comes up to me and tells me something. I punch him.

Luke's POV

I went up to Michael and told him that I dated Nahua before and that I still like her. Then he punches me. The same spot where Nahua punched me when I first kissed her. Michael starts to yell and scream and punch me saying that he was going to ask her to marry him and ask me to be the best man. I know that I fucked up.

*7 hour time skip*

Michael's POV

A nurse comes and looks at us very sadly. The love of my life is dead. But the nurse says that the operation went perfectly only that Nahua is in a coma. I lose it. She might never wake up. I ask if we can see her and the nurse is hesitant at first but tells us yes. When we go into her room she is hooked up to a lot of machines. I start to cry and ask if she was ever going to wake up. The doctor said that she may never wake up. That she might die if she doesn't wake up.

*2 day time skip*

Nahua is still in a coma. She hasn't moved or anything. I get my guitar and start to play Amnesia. When I start to sing I start to cry because what if Nahua wakes up and doesn't remember me? I would go completely insane. As I get to the chorus I see her left hand twitch. I wipe my eyes and it twitches again, as if she's trying to draw or write something.

Then her eyes start to twitch and as I look, her beautiful brown eyes stare into my green ones. I'm so happy. She takes a deep breath in and ask if the procedure was over. I tell her that she has been in a coma for a couple of days and that the procedure went perfectly. The nurse comes in and then runs out to find the doctor. As the doctor comes in he looks at her and then says "Miss Hood, on a rate of 1-10 how much pain do you feel when you breath or move?" She looks at me and says "1. I have a headache. But other than that, I feel no pain." Good. That's good right? "I see that your boyfriend here started to sing and then you woke up. He's been here the entire time." She smiles and then slowly sits up.

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