Falling For Clifford


12. The Bet

A/N I hope you guys enjoy. I saw that I like leaving cliffhangers in things I write so I thought Why not. Sorry that this is really boring so far. I hate it not having creativity running through me while writing.



Michael's POV


I read the title of the book and look at him. "Why are you reading a girly book."


"Well Nahua was reading and talking about it so much that it sounded interesting."


"You know we just watched the movie. I cried but Nahua didn't. I swear that she's heartless or soulless."


"Don't call my sister that. But she does have a good point."


"Whatever. You bookworms."


Nahua's POV


I hear Michael come down the stairs. I look at him as asking "What took so long?"

"Did you know that Calum is reading The Fault in our Stars?"

"Yeah. He asked for the book."

"SPIDER-MAN!!! Can we order pizza?"


"But whyyyyy?"

"Because last time we had pizza you called me weird when I ate the pizza with olives."

"Did I hurt your feelings?" He said in a baby voice.

"Yes and I don't want to see you anymore." I teased him. I love teasing him because his face just gets so red from embarrassment.

"Fine. I won't call you weird because of your taste in pizza. Pizza. Now. Please."


We watch all the Spider- Man movies made and then go to a girly movie called "If I Stay". Michael thought it was Transformers but I switched out the cases. As soon as the title screen appeared he started to blush. Yassss!!! Embarrassment!

*After the Movie*

I ask Michael "Soooo… Did you like it?"

"It was good and all but… I didn't like it and I didn't hate it. I'm sort of in between"

"Good. Because I thought you would hate it."

What should we watch now?"

"I actually want to read."

"Read what. If it's a cancer book, I'm going to jump out the window."

"That's a little harsh don't you think? And no it's not a cancer book."

"Okay. Good. What book are you going to read?"

"A book called The Cuckoo Song. I bought it at the book fair in my freshman year."

"Sounds scary."

"Well it's not and I bet you that I can finish it in 2 days."

"Oh you just got yourself a bet. But what's in it for me?"

"The winner gets to take the loser wherever they want."


We shake on it and I know I'm going to win.

Michael's POV

The second I made the bet I regretted it. I once saw her walk and read at the same time and she never fell or tripped. I also noticed one week that she read the Twilight series in 2 hours. I guess I've got to hope for the best, win or lose.

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