Falling For Clifford


2. Cal Coming Home

I am 17 now. And today is the day that Calum comes home from the tour that he's on with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. I'm so excited and I'm pretty sure that Mum and Dad are too. Because they've been cleaning the house from top to bottom. And it's getting on my nerves because when they are vacuuming I can't hear my music and when I turn it up they yell at me.


So I decide to turn on my Xbox one and put my headphones on to listen to Green Day, Lincoln Park and Bon Jovey. I put on Saints Row Four and start to play.


Mum walked in and said "We're going to pick up Calum at the airport. You can invite EJ over if you want, we're going to be gone for two hours."

"Bye Mum. When Calum gets in tell him that I miss him, please."

"Okay sweetheart. See you in two hours. "

" Bye"


I pick up my phone to call EJ and ask him if he wants to play Call of Duty: Black Ops. In 2 minutes he's tapping on my door.

"Come in!"

" Are you excited to see Calum?"

" Du-duh"

"Ha-ha. Okay."


(2 hours later)


I hear a familiar voice say "HEY EVERYBODY!"

I run down stairs and give Cal a huge hug.

"Hey sis, how's it going?"

"Good. Did you get shorter or did I get taller?"

"I think you're mistaken because you didn't grow a bit."

I slapped him playfully in his arm. " I did too get taller. You just don't want to admit the fact that I'm growing up."

"I know. How's EJ?"

"He's good. He just left"


"Why do you need him?"

"I was just wondering if he wanted to play Black Ops."

"I think he had enough of that game. I just beat him 4 times."

"Race you upstairs!"



Me: "Please play one more game?" I gave Cal my famous enough puppy dog eyes that he can never resist.

"Fine but let use the bathroom first."

"Yay! Okay"

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