Royal Blood


7. Chapter 6

She made her way up to her bedroom and changed into some pajamas. She thought over everything that had just happened. She was a witch. Not only a witch but the next Queen. It all seemed too good to be true. She knew from a young age that she was different but she never knew how different she was. When True Blood came out she thought that maybe she was like Sookie. She just assumed that she was a Halfling because she was telepathic. She never thought that she was anything more than a freak of nature. Now she knows her true calling is a witch. She decided to take a nap and rest until it was time to go get more practice. She was kind of scared to invite her family down to her party. She didn’t need them knowing of her true calling. They would probably just have her locked away and throw the key away. She only had a few days to decide if she wanted her parents and family to come for the party. She knew she couldn’t make up a lie that she had fallen ill or her mother would rush to be by her side. Maybe she could tell her parents she needs time alone for her birthday because she is thinking of moving to New Orleans permanently. Of course that wouldn’t be a lie. She would have to move there to be close to her witches. That’s it. She thought to herself. I will just tell them I need time to think because I think I want to stay. That will give me enough time to train then I can go back and pack my things then come back here and take over as Supreme. Of course she was very nervous. What if her parents would not listen? What would she do then? She needed time to focus on her powers. She had to perform the Seven Wonders soon. She only had 6 days left of this week and all of next week well until Sunday of next week to learn everything. Cordelia requested for her to perform the Seven Wonders then. She would be performing them in front of the Academy and a special guest. She wasn’t really sure who it would be but they said she is one of the oldest white witches in existence. Who could possibly be older then Delia? She thought for a moment. Delia was in her later sixties now. So who was older than that? Of course many people where but it still bugged her not knowing. Shortly after arguing with herself she fell asleep. Around ten that morning her phone began to ring. She groaned with her head pounding. She looked at the caller ID seeing it was her mother. She knew she couldn’t ignore her even if she wanted to. She slid the green phone over and it answered. 

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