Royal Blood


3. Chapter 2

It was eight forty-two in the morning and Cordelia Foxx stood in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her young witches. Cordelia was the current Supreme witch, but she could feel someone else would be taking over soon. She could literally feel the new Supreme draining her powers from her at this very moment. She knew it couldn’t be one of her witches. It had to be someone who had yet to come to the academy. Miss Foxx was head mistress at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Witches and on top of that she was their Supreme. Kind of their queen I guess you could say. Delia loved her job honestly. She had her two right hand girls Zoe and Queenie. There were only a few left at the academy. Most had moved out and started their only families only to later send their kids off to the academy. Zoe and Queenie where Delia’s go to girls. They helped teach the classes and train the young witches to protect themselves. Of course they didn’t need much protection seeing how half the world knew witches existed. There were still people out there who didn’t accept them and would do anything to harm them. Not very long after Zoe, Queenie and Kyle come down stairs. Good morning Cordelia. Zoe said with a smile. Good morning Zoe. Cordelia replied. Queenie helped Kyle sit up the table and Zoe went to wake the four young girls and two young boys. This was the first time in history that males had been accepted into the academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, but Delia could not turn down two orphan boys who both happened to be wizards. See how they were the first two in history Delia had to take them in and show them the ways. If it was different and they happened to have a mother she would have allowed the mother to teach them. Seeing how they were orphans Delia agreed to teach them and in return the oldest said he would open an academy for male wizards.  

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