What would the world be like if Gay was right, and straight was wrong? This story follows the lives of a group of friends.

Just as a heads up, I am writing this on a google.docs with my best friend, Emily M. (last name hidden for safety) and you can find her on Tumblr at @artzypaw. We are writing this story together.

Please leave suggestions and POSITIVE reviews.

Love you!


8. Faith


    Why would Nicole  say that about Jon? Jon, I know, is like, super gay. Why would he be straight? She has tried to tell me that he was straight before, but he’s never dated a … girl. It makes me so mad that she would assume that. It’s so wrong.

    I walk in the door of the house, and Jeremy and Bambi aren't home. I go to fridge and there is a note.

‘Hey Faith! This is Bambi and Jeremy and we wanted to tell u that we r going 2 b out tonight, and we won't be home 4 a bit, maybe like a week or something. Do what u want, but if we catch u doing something bad, u’ll be in trouble. See ya l8r. h8r.’

I open the fridge, and for once, there is food in it. I look in my agenda, and see that I have no homework. I go into the phone book, and look up my father Rob.





I call his number. 112 387 284. I hear a man answer. He must be Rob’s assistant.

“Hello.” The man says. “Is anyone there?”

    “Hello sir,” I manage to say.

    “Hello ma’am, is there a way I can help you?” He asks.

    “I need to speak with Rob, sir.” I say.

    “Do you have an appointment?” He asks.

    “I didn't think a daughter needed an appointment to talk with her dad.” I mumble.

    “Oh, why hello miss Faith Ashford!” He says.

    “Hello again sir, but I need to ask something of my father.”

    “What does the young lady need? Your father is busy, so I am equipped to make any decisions for him.”  

    “I need to ask if I can come over and stay for a bit.”

    “He has no plans for later today, so come on along.”  

I hesitated before speaking, “Could you pick me up? I don't have a vehicle to escort me there.”

“I need your address and street.” The man across the line says, “Oh, and apartment number.” I tell him everything the man needs to know and hang up. After a couple of minutes, which felt like forever, i heard my doorbell ring.

I turn the doorknob and see a short man, stubby with a brushy mustache and green eyes. He gave me a warm smile and gestured towards the car.

“Wait!” I run upstairs, grab my laptop and my bag, and then finally race to his limo.

“I’m glad you called. Mr. Ashford has been having some… What do you call it? ‘Moods’?” The man follows me down to the limo and opens the door for me, like I’m royalty. Which I am not. At all. The back of the car is gorgeous. The walls are covered in deep red velvet, and there is a hologram television with surround sound, playing classic songs like ‘All About That Base’ and ‘Worth It’. There is a fridge with white wine. I’ve only had wine once, and I - admittedly - liked it, a lot. The chauffeur must see me staring, because he says “Help yourself, miss,” and I do.

Technically, I am of legal age to drink, but if Rob or Jeremey found out I had a glass and a half of wine, I would have already been dead by now.

After a bit of driving - we had to leave the poorer part of town and enter the rich and fancy part of town - we pull up to a grand white house, with perfectly maintained gardens. There are men in tuxedos waiting on fancily dressed men and women. They are drinking cocktails and they are wearing ballgowns with masks, and tuxedos with bow ties. I spot Rob amongst the people. He is wearing a pink tux and he is sipping a margarita. I wave at him, but he does not notice me.

I go to the front door and before I knock, the door opens. Technology nowadays. I walk in and stare at the lavish entrance room. The main room was separated by  three beautiful opaque arches, plants decorating the rims. The marble floors and sunny rooms took my breath away.

“Wow. Who knew…” I murmur to myself. I call, facing outside, “Dad?” No answer.


Continuing to walk deeper into his home, I notice that it’s suited for a large family, or a rich person. I see a grand stairway that splits off into two. I force myself to not go upstairs and walk back outside to greet my father.

“Dad.” I call again, and this time the pink suited man turns around and drops his drink.

“Oh my God, FAITH!” He runs up and engulfs me in a hug, “I didn’t know you were coming!”

“Well, I was.” I replied feeling my lungs being crushed. He smiles warmly and pulled over a tall Man in a black tux.

“This is my daughter! The second daughter, of course.” He says cooly. The other man extends his hand.

“Hello miss, I am Jóse your father’s husband.” I shake his hand and nod.

“I should go inside now,” I say, turning towards the door.

“Faith, wait!” Rob yells after me. “After I’m done here, we’re taking you shopping, because, what are you wearing?


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