What would the world be like if Gay was right, and straight was wrong? This story follows the lives of a group of friends.

Just as a heads up, I am writing this on a google.docs with my best friend, Emily M. (last name hidden for safety) and you can find her on Tumblr at @artzypaw. We are writing this story together.

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Love you!


40. Anthony

That weekend, all I could do was stare at my phone, then at my door, and then back to my phone; all for a wonderful boy, Bem Carter.

My phone rings.

Hastily, before the second chime, I snatch my phone into my grasp and answer it, “Hello?” my voice panicked.


Everything I’ve been waiting for, hey, makes me sink into my bed and sigh in relief, “Bear…”

“Can I come over tonight? I understand if you’re not allowed to, and because we have school tomorrow-”

“-Yes! Come over! Stay the night, a week, a month. Hell, stay for the rest of Senior Year.” I didn’t mean to sound too cheerful, but the slight chuckle coming from the other line made my stomach twist.

“Okay, I’ll see you in thirty.”


“Yes?” He answers immediately.

“I love you.” Biting my nails, I pray he doesn’t hang up or not come over. We text those three words to each other all the time, and sometimes say them in person, but this moment right now was different. It was serious.

“Ditto.” And he hangs up.





Without ringing the doorbell, and without knocking on my door, Bear walks into my room and places his bookbag next mine under my dresser.

No words are said. Bear just crawls into bed and lies with me for what feels like an eternity. Finally, voice hoarse, he mutters, “I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

I turn my head towards him, “No, I am glad that I heard it. How are you feeling?”


“That bad? What happened after you hung up on me?”

“She started to grope my door-”

“Bear.” I complain, holding the ‘ear’ longer than its pronounced.

“My mom wanted to finish talking to me, but I was done. She then stayed at my door and continued to yell at me. I’m pissed. Why am I in trouble? She made that rule and now she’s suddenly changing it?

“And that crap about not seeing you? She’s unreasonably upset at me for staying at your place for the night, but saying that I’m not allowed to see the one person I care for the most in the world anymore? That’s BS.” I find his hand next to mine and squeeze it. He squeezes back.

He continues, and I let him, “I just don’t understand… Is she lonely? Is she finally realizing that she could’ve been spending time with me instead of co-workers? Or that signing up for being a single parent requires giving your son attention and endearment as if you actually loved him?” By this time, Bear had tears in his eyes and was frowning at the ceiling. His ebony hair was folded over his head in a messy bunch, separate groups of hair parting and sprawling in different directions. It was handsome, the scenery. His jawline broad, his chin sharp, and his neck masculine. The tears held in his eyes made them pop with an exhilarating boldness; a blue iridescent color with green flecks.

A sunset hue shining in through my window made the sight sheen with a golden tint. My breath was taken.

Not now. He’s upset, comfort him.

I nod, “If you thought hell had a plan for you, you thought wrong. One way or another, you found me. I know we’ve had some rough patches here and there, but I am always going to be there for you. You’re mom’s being a pain, and a real big one, but I just…” I lost the words. I didn’t know what to say. Firstly was because my brain shut down, the second was the way Bear was looking at me. A single tear slid down his cheekbone and the flush on his face was endearing; he was looking at me as if I was endearing. “You need someone in your life…”

I try swallowing, blinking repeatedly, but nothing gets the butterflies out of my gut. Bear takes his free hand and grasps my cheek, his body adjusting to his movement and a warm sensation is spread throughout my skin.

“Thank you for listening.” I swallow once more. “I mean it.” He adds quickly.

“I’ll always listen.” Oh great, now I was loosing all feeling in my legs. My head was spazzing and my chest felt swollen.

“Exactly.” He whispers. The word is hung around us, and for the first time ever I’ve realized how much Bear needs me. How much I need him.

“How did you get out? Your house I mean…” The question was forced, because if I hadn’t said anything I probably would’ve kissed Bear’s face senseless. He sighs, “She went to work. I hadn’t even left my room and she got a phone call saying she needed to head back.”

I grunt, “Isn’t that dissing the whole point of her argument?”

Yeah, it is.” His hand slides down to my jaw and I feel his legs adjust into mine. My face flushes and my vision blurs in lust.

“I’m lucky to have you, you know that?” He whispers again, his voice husky. I know he’s feeling the same way I am, and I know he’s thinking the same thing I am, but he’s upset and it could be considered as ‘using’ him.

“I should be saying that.” Whispering in response, our heads brush against each other and I nearly black out.

“We’ll never know…” Bear tilts his head and presses his lips onto mine gingerly, cheeks wet from his tears and skin warm from enmity. I’m eager to press farther, but Bear’s the one who’s hurting so I comply to his tempo. Releasing our hands, he slides his under my back and pulls me underneath him; arms now positioned on either side of my head and legs still tangled. I gasp, “I-uh-” searching for the words, Bear then trails his lips down my jawline and onto my neck.

“Y-you’re upset, and y-you might not be thinking clearly-” He pulls back.

“Have I ever not thought clearly?” His breath hits my face in pulses and I nearly lose all feeling in my legs. But Bear was right. Even at worse times, he’s always thought straight to the point.

“No.” I choke. A barely audible moan hums its way out of his throat and I’m lost in it’s rhythm. Bear goes back to nuzzling me and I grasp onto shoulders in reply. I’m not nervous. I embrace the acquire state we’re in and arch my neck in pleasure. His teeth brush my skin and goosebumps form all though my body. I shiver in bliss.

A knocking is heard at my door and I feel Bear tense.

“Sir Anthony, your father requests to see you.” A servant chimes.

“Y-Yes! Once second!” I call out, Bear laughing into my shoulder and I slap his to quiet him down.

“You suck.” I snap, a smile growing on my face when I see that Bear’s cheeks are no longer damp. A caring smirk grows, “You need to go, Sir Anthony.”

“You need to get off, Sir Bem.” I mock and we both laugh. I press my hands onto his chest, hesitantly, and push him over me and crawl out of my bed. I face Bear, “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Sorry.”

“No problem, and thank you again…” He says, leaning back onto the wall. I shrug, “No problem.” and walk out the door.

When I get downstairs, my father is sitting down next to - well, my other father. “Why is Bem in your room?” I blush.

“We’re doing homework, that’s all.” I rub my elbow.

“We know what was about to… go down…” Jõse says with a wink. “If you… know what I mean.” Another wink.

“Psh, no.” I feel my face heat up. “I - Me… Us… No…?”  I say confused.

“Just get back to your ‘homework.’” Rob said nudging Jõse.

“Dad…” I complain, my cheeks heating even more. Did my parents support us? “Uh- Dad?”

“Yes?” They both say, then quickly chuckle.

“I wasn’t.”

“We know, son.” Their smirks were childish and uncalled for. “But… If, per say, it does happen, you can talk to us-”

“Especially if it’s with Bem and you!” Rob interrupts.

“Oh my God, you’re ruining my love life!” I barely shout at them. I begin to head back up the stairs.

“Just wanted to let you know, that if you need any advice, or tips or stuff like that,” They call after me, “we,” They wink at each other “are experts!” They laugh and head towards the study. When I get back upstairs, Bear is lying on the bed, asleep. I curse under my breath. A sleepy moan comes from his mouth.

“Don’t swear.” He says, opening one eye and looking at me.

“I’m sorry.” I lay next to him, and he sits up. “We have some things to finish.” I laugh.

“We do,” He chuckles. Bear then rolls himself ontop of me, and I sigh to his weight. He begins to pull his shirt off and throws it on the floor. He leans down and I lean up; our bodies insync. We stand up and he presses my back against the wall. He begins to remove my shirt. we kiss and the heat rises. There is a tumble at the door and I look over.

“Shh, it’s happening!” I look up and see Jõse and Rob at the door.

“Oh my LORD!” I scream. Bear dive-bombs into the bed and covers his chest with the sheet.

“What the HELL?!” I scream at them. They open the door all the way. Jõse goes to put the phone in his pocket. “NO! GIVE ME THAT!” I yell. I snatch the phone from his hands. I open the camera roll and see the last five minutes of what Bear and I were doing. My face is on fire and the rage is building in my chest. “GET OUT! GET OUT-GET OUT-GET OUT!”  I scream, full volume. They raise their hands and leave the room.

“Oh. My. God.” Bear says. “I can’t believe them.” I hand him the phone and press play on the film. We watch it about four times. “Damn, we look good.” Bear laughs.

“I know, but they were like, so out of line there.”

“I know, I don’t think I am ready to be part of a teen-porn movie yet.” He jokes, his voice husky.  

“I mean, duh.” I say. “But not here.”

“Are you ever going to be ready though?”

“Yeah, but not here..”

“Ditto.” He gives a warm smile.

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