Original Characters

I thought to help me with my stories and just to share with you my ideal characters, i'd make a book filled with original characters. It'll cover what they're like, what they look like and aspects of them that relate to my story or which franchise they're from. Shout out to @FrozenHearts for giving me the idea for this.
I hope you guys like this and it helps you learn a bit more about me, at the very least you'll be able to see what fandoms i'm into and how i'd like to be seen in those various universes.


2. Pokemon

Name: Lucan Grazen

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Region Of Origin: Sinnoh 

Favorite Pokemon Type: Dragon

Starter Pokemon: Turtwig 



- Tall and lanky however despite this he is deceptively strong

- Scruffy, unkempt turquoise hair 

- Bright blue eyes

- A few light freckles his cheeks 



- Shy at first however very confident when friends with someone

- Stubborn, won't give up in a battle unless his Pokemon are getting really hurt

- Likes to be independent so prefers to go it alone but gets lonely with ease


Pokemon Team:

- Luxray

- Drapion 

- Metagross

- Staraptor

- Alakazam 

- Salamance 


Other Pokemon: Torterra, Toxicroak, Electrive, Empoleon, Gengar, 


Badges: All in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh

Current Location: Unova



Ever since a young boy Lucan was fascinated by Pokemon until he was about eight when his parents were killed by a rampaging Garchomp leaving him and his older sister alone in the world. She looked after him until later in his life when at the age of twelve a Hypno caused his her to go into a coma when it fed off her nightmares of their parents dying and caused her to enter a coma. After this event he was taken in by Professor Rowan who helped him get over his fear of Pokemon, leading him to love them even more than before. Content with this life he spent until 16 working with Rowan as a lab assistant studying Pokemon with him. This was until the Professor asked him to start on a journey to complete the Pokedex. Filled with apprehension he didn't want to go, hoping to stay at the lab and eventually become a Pokemon Professor. However he realized that in order to become a great Pokemon Professor he would need to first get some experience with them in the real world. He set off with three gifts from Rowan, a Turtwig that he had raised from an egg on instruction from the Professor so he would know how to care for Pokemon, several Pokeballs so he could catch new Pokemon to forge bonds of friendship with and finally a promise that once he returned to Rowan with a completed Sinnoh Pokedex he would be given the rank of Pokemon Professor. 


I haven't included any Legendaries as they aren't Pokemon that anyone else has in the Anime

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