Original Characters

I thought to help me with my stories and just to share with you my ideal characters, i'd make a book filled with original characters. It'll cover what they're like, what they look like and aspects of them that relate to my story or which franchise they're from. Shout out to @FrozenHearts for giving me the idea for this.
I hope you guys like this and it helps you learn a bit more about me, at the very least you'll be able to see what fandoms i'm into and how i'd like to be seen in those various universes.


1. Introduction

I expect you've read the description so I won't explain what's in this book, but then again i don't usually read descriptions and just jump in so I guess I'll explain this. This is a collection of my own original characters for my stories but in addition to this it will include characters for various other books, TV shows, movie and so forth. I am willing to do requests of characters from things however I cannot guarantee that I will do all requests as you might end up requesting a character for something I don't know anything about.


Below I'll add a list of things I'm intending to do characters from, i'll add to it as I think of more


Fairy Tail

Harry Potter 

Percy Jackson

Skulduggery Pleasant 


Sword Art Online

Hunger Games (Maybe)

Marvel Universe 

Doctor Who



Warning I won't be doing the characters in this specific order!


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