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  • Published: 6 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 6 Mar 2016
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This story is about life its about our parents.We should respect our parents and elders.


2. The Change

Our parents then want that we get married to a very good well caring family and person.They ask us whom do love? We love a person who is not good for us they are betraying us.But we are lost in their love .Our parents want our good.We shout on them and fight with them.We disrespect them.They have done everything for us but we can't do one thing for them .We leave them and marry a bad person and when we realize that they are betraying us we realize that we have done a big mistake.When the family is good but the person you have married is bad.Your mother-in-law asks you to give me water you shout on her and fight with her she fights back she's old and can't do anything.

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